What is a seamless steel pipeline?

A seamless pipe [ท่อ ไม่มี ตะเข็บ, which is the term in Thai] is a circular pipeline having a hollow area as well as no joints around it. The seamless steel pipeline is constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel ingot, alloy steel, or strong tube blank, and then is made by cool rolling, hot rolling, or cold drawing. Smooth pipelines are thought-about superior to bonded pipelines as they are developed utilizing monolithic steel billets, with intrinsic mechanical strength, without joint welds.

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Features of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipeline for utilizing design, as well as construction, is really wide, it is a hollow steel strip no seams, it is generally used to transfer liquids pipelines, various appearance as well as general steel, among those hefty type steel, it has a strong resistance to rust, immune to general corrosion.

Will, not rust, this performance makes seamless steel tubes extend the life, amongst the most vital is that it is clean, as well as no toxic substances.

Compared to other plastic seamless steel pipe having strong mechanical resistance, influence despite just how high a temperature level is not thinking about the use of seamless steel pipe, it is installed as well as the other pipeline is the same, can replace other piped water, as well as various other fluids.

Qualities of seamless steel pipeline are as follows:

High accuracy can do little batch manufacturing.

  • Smaller diameter
  • Weldability solid, high compression capacity
  • Steel pipe exceptional performance, relatively thick steel
  • Steel Cross location is much more intricate
  • High accuracy cold attracted items, great surface area high quality.

Category of Seamless Steel Pipeline

According to the manufacturing process, the seamless pipe can be separated into hot-rolled seamless steel tubes, as well as cold-drawn seamless steel pipe two kinds. Cold attracted tube is also separated into the circular pipeline, as well as designed pipe.

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