Physical Exercise In The Workplace

Physical Activity at Work

If you necessarily imagine a gym workout in this routine, it can be difficult for most people. But the good news is that there are several simple habits to get your body moving during work. Before talking about the small changes that you can adopt on your own, it is essential to remember that gymnastics are at work. Most companies already offer this benefit to their employees. Some of the tips to keep muscles healthy (วิธี ดูแล กล้าม เนื้อ which is the term in Thai)

1. Pay Attention To Ergonomics!

Ergonomics refers to the relationship we establish with the physical environment in which we live. Therefore, taking care of your posture is as essential as keeping your body moving in the workplace. 

It is essential to know how to sit correctly, position your feet correctly, maintain an armrest that provides a favorable condition not to develop any repetitive strain injury. For example, in the case of those who work with typing, it is essential to have their elbows and forearms supported.

2. Press Pause!

Pause times are also needed. Spending hours sitting in front of the computer and performing the same activity impairs your performance and creativity, in addition to boosting fatigue.

Set aside a few minutes for scheduled breaks. Take this time to relax, stretch your body, breathe a little, and clear your mind. These short breaks even help to solve that demand that was difficult to leave, for example.

Want An Extra Tip?

Take advantage of what many people are doing and, whenever possible, take your lunch and snack to work. This way, you guarantee good choices on your plate, and you will always know where the ingredients come from. Not to mention that this prevents you from falling into temptation.

And it is always good to remember that a health professional should be consulted before starting any physical activity, especially if associated risk factors, such as osteoarticular lesions and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems, without forgetting, of course, hydration and the use of appropriate clothes and shoes.

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