What is Eye Asymmetry?

Asymmetrical eyes [ตา ไม่ เท่า กัน, which is the term in Thai] or irregular eyes are practically typical but surgery as well as therapy alternatives can assist. Therefore, therapy can be extremely refined or extremely obvious to the individual. The eye-crookedness might come to be more evident when grinning or exhausted depending on the reason. When the difference between the two eyes is more noticeable, it can come to be irritating to the patient.

Eye asymmetry size can be triggered by numerous aspects. Real eye asymmetry size, one eyeball being smaller or larger sized than the other, is unusual yet can take place. The majority of frequently, the eye crookedness is an illusion as a result of eyelid asymmetry, eyeball position crookedness, and/or orbit. A detailed oculoplastic examination is essential to determine the cause and the possible therapy for unbalanced eyes.

Eyelid or Eye Asymmetry Therapy Options

  • Eye Asymmetry: Upper Eyelid Ptosis

An additional typical source of eye crookedness is uneven top eyelid ptosis, saggy upper eyelid. Due to this, the eye with the droopier eyelid shows up smaller-sized. Moreover, there are numerous reasons for top eyelid ptosis. Among the most effective therapy options is the ptosis saggy eyelid surgical procedure.

  • Eye Asymmetry: Upper Eyelid Retraction

Another, reason for eye asymmetry dimension, is upper eyelid retraction. Because, the upper eyelid is greater than typical, where the eye shows up bigger than the various other eyes. Upper eyelid retraction might be congenital/inherited due to thyroid eye disease, postsurgical, and so on. In a lot of cases, the best treatment option is upper eyelid retraction surgery.

  • Eye Crookedness: Lower Eyelid Retraction

If one reduced eyelid is lower than the other eye, then that eye would appear larger. There are different reasons for reduced eyelid retraction consisting of post-blepharoplasty eyelid retraction, congenital/inherited, as well as post-skin cancers surgical procedures. Treatment typically involves boosting the reduced eyelid, with a hidden transconjunctival technique with possible soof/midface lift and/or inner spacer graft.

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