Pressed powder for the smoother skin:

For better and smooth skin one should use Pressed powder [แป้ง พัฟ, which is the term in Thai] for their skin. With the help of pressed powder one can easily have smooth skin. Because these pressed powders don’t cause any rashes on the skin. And, that is something very important for the powder. Because there are many powders in the market which are not that soft. And, can easily cause skin rashes when it is applied. But that is not the case with the pressed powder. One can apply them without having rashes on the skin.

Just use them and get smooth skin. And, one can feel the difference between a normal powder and a pressed powder. A normal powder when it is taken in hands can be rough. While the pressed powder in the form of dust that will make the skin smoother.

Use cushion for apply powder

If hands apply the powder. Then there is a possibility that it can be applied at wrong place of the skin and also more powder can be applied. But with the help of a limited cushion amount of powder will be applied on the face. And, also at the right place of the face. So, one need not worry about that one side of the face is not that smooth. Like the rest of the face. Use cushion to apply pressed powder on the face and get the smooth skin in no time.

Using them is very easy

Using the pressed powder with the help of cushion is very easy. And, no need for an expert is needed in order to apply powder through the cushion. One can apply the powder by looking in the small mirror that is given with the cushion. Just use it to get smooth skin.

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