7 Tips To Make A Good Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict Recipe | Tasting Table

Classic and iconic, many Americans consume Eggs Benedict for breakfast or brunch. In fact, it’s one of the staples and most popular menu items in any fairfax VA deli. Basically, it’s composed of an English muffin and a poached egg, topped with bacon and a Hollandaise sauce (made up of egg yolk, melted butter, and lemon juice or white wine).

While it’s a ubiquitous dish, there are certain ways to further elevate its taste. Here are seven tips to make your Eggs Benedict more eggcellent.

Perfect your poached eggs. One of the most crucial aspects of serving a great Eggs Benedict is making foolproof poached eggs if you ask a Fairfax VA deli. To poach eggs, you need to simmer a large pot of water with salt first. Put some vinegar to make egg whites more stable. Use a fine-meshed strainer when cracking an egg to filter out the watery elements of your whites. Transfer the egg to a ladle and lower it into the water. Make sure to stir the not-quite-simmering water before lowering the egg. Wait for around three minutes before taking the poached egg out with a slotted spoon.

Be more efficient in making the Hollandaise sauce. After poached eggs, the next tricky part is making the special sauce for your Eggs Benedict. If you want to be more efficient without degrading the sauce’s quality, you can try putting egg yolks and lemon juice in a cup. Use a hand blender to mix it, then slowly pour in hot melted butter. The heat emitted by the butter will help emulsify the yolks.

Fry your bacon in butter. Canadian bacon will taste more delectably if they’re fried in butter instead of regular oil. Gently frying it in butter will make it crispier around the edge. However, it would be best if you also were mindful when cooking your bacon — not paying attention will over-toast this meat. Not only will it affect the overall taste of your Eggs Benedict, but it’ll also be harmful to your health.

Try other alternatives to bacon. Though Fairfax VA deli traditionally uses Canadian bacon, other alternatives can give a surprise twist to the classic dish. These include crab meat, prawns, ham, and lobsters, among others.

Top off your Eggs Benedict with chopped herbs. For added freshness and earthy flavors, you can also sprinkle some chopped herbs after you’ve finished assembling your Eggs Benedict. Garnishing it with chives and parsley can take your dish to a higher notch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. As stated, you can replace Canadian bacon with other meats. But if you want to be more gastronomically adventurous, you can also try swapping muffins with waffles, croissants, or hash browns. You can also pair your Eggs Benedict with salad or fresh fruits, serve it burger-style, or trade the Hollandaise sauce for a creamy pesto one.

Don’t waste your egg whites. If you want to be more economical when making Eggs Benedict, you can save your leftover egg whites. Simply pour them into ice-cube trays, put them in your freezer, and take them out when you feel like making desserts like macarons or meringues.

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