Why does the packaging of cookies matter?

Who doesn’t love cookies? We all do, right? There are so many different flavors of cookies like chocolate, vanilla, almond, coconut, peanut butter, red velvet, and so many more. 

Although there are so many different flavors of cookies, one thing is common between all the different types – that is that to remain fresh, they all need to be packed and stored properly so that they don’t become stale or too crispy. 

For bakeries and home bakers who sell cookies, packaging matters a lot. 

Some of the ways that people package their cookies are:

– Packing them in cardboard boxes that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors

– Packing them in the cookies jar which is usually made of glass. 

Why does the packaging of the cookies matter?

– The packaging of cookies makes the brand and its product look different and a level up from its competitors and their products. For example, people would prefer to cookies from a place that has nicely decorated packaging instead of a place that doesn’t put much effort into their packaging. 

– What material the cookies are packaged in is really important because if they aren’t packaged well then, they could get soggy and spoil the taste of the cookies.

– Many times, the packaging is very important because it can affect the health directly or indirectly. For example, if baked food items like cookies are stored in packaging that includes synthetic chemicals like plastic, it can be harmful to the health as the chemicals can get into the food when they come in contact. 

– Cookies are sometimes purchased for gifting purposes and that’s why the packaging matters a lot as it gives people an impression of the person that gave the gift and more importantly, it gives people an impression of what you and the product will be like. Just like the saying ‘first impression is the last’ the packaging will be seen and noticed before the cookies get eaten. To create a good impression of what is inside, a good impression of what is outside must also be made. 

The Bottom Line 

Packaging matters a lot, especially when it is packing something so tempting and delicious. 

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