9 Secrets To Hosting A Wine Party At Home

Wine is a drink that many people love to enjoy. If you are feeling like throwing a wine party, then you need to do some proper planning to make sure that everything goes well. To help you out, here are 9 secrets that you need to know about hosting a successful wine party in your home. Theme Theme matters a lot. You might have a wine party at home, but what purpose does the wine party serve? Is it to taste a variety of different wines that you found from the best online wine retailer? Or is it a blind tasting? This will help add a great impact to your party. Intimacy Unlike other parties that would also involve alcohol, you may want to keep a wine tasting more intimate. Keep a small group of good friends who enjoy wine at your party. Too many people may make it overwhelming and ruin the vibe. Choose the Right Place to Buy Of course, you need to have some good wine for your party. You don’t have to throw out tons of cash just for one party. You just need to find the best online wine retailer to buy amazing wine at amazing prices. Wine to Person Ratio You don’t want to buy too much or too little wine. Think about what kind of guests you are having and what party you are having. Typically, light tastings would be fine for at least half a bottle a person, whereas heavier tastings would be roughly a bottle per person. Calculate the bottles total glass amount and divide it amongst your guests. Having a few extra bottles may also be a good idea. Get Enough Glasses One glass per person may be fine, but two per person would be better. You may also opt to get different glasses for different wines like white, red, port, etc., but it’s not necessary. Palate Cleansers If your party will focus a lot on the tasting itself, you need to have some palate cleansers ready. Water, crackers, bread, etc., would be a good choice of basic palate cleansers to have ready. Spit Buckets Let’s face it, not everyone is going to love every wine that is served. Spit buckets are good to have so your guests don’t have to drink anything they don’t want to. Food There are tons of food that goes great with wine, and you should have some prepared. Each wine reacts differently with different foods, so you should explain to your guests what foods should be eaten with what wines. Cheese, fruits, etc., are great platters to have laid out. Order of Wines While it’s not really necessary, you could create a line up of wines to build up the flavor profiles for your guests. However, if it is a laid back wine party, there’s no need to do so. Having a wine party can be really fun, but things could go wrong too. Avoid any mishaps by following the nine secrets above to make your wine party a success.

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