How To Use A Smartphone As A Webcam

Your smartphone has some hidden talents. For example, it can replace a webcam used for video telephony on a PC or laptop. You can also use your mobile phone camera to keep a watchful eye on your sleeping offspring or watch your pets from the office. With the right apps, you can turn your smartphone into a high-resolution webcam in no time at all.

Your smartphone can do almost everything that a webcam can – the areas of application for your mobile phone camera are correspondingly diverse as seen in AT&T unlock iPhone.

Home Surveillance And Observation

If you have a second smartphone, you can set it up as a “surveillance camera” at home. The camera on your mobile phone can then, for example, add a live video stream to the baby monitor. You can also position your smartphone so that you can keep an eye on your pets’ activities, the bird’s nest on the balcony that has just been populated, or your living space in general. All you need is the right app on your mobile phone.


The smartphone can also replace the webcam in video telephony – the cell phone usually scores with a higher resolution than cameras integrated into laptops. If you want to use your smartphone as a webcam to make video calls, you need, in addition to a special smartphone app, a suitable so-called client for your Computer. This software ensures that your video programs will be recognized as Skype as a video source.

Smartphones Compared To Regular Webcams.

Setting up your smartphone as a webcam is usually quick and easy and enables you to transmit high-quality moving images from your mobile phone to your PC without additional equipment.

The Advantages Of Smartphones As Webcams At A Glance:

  1. More flexible handling (e.g., quick and intuitive turning and moving of the camera)
  2. Higher resolution (usually 720p) than, for example, laptop webcams
  3. No additional acquisition costs for an external camera and microphone
  4. Of course, Webcams have a few advantages over intelligent phones :
  5. Webcams are usually pre-installed in laptops and can be used directly without any further effort.
  6. The integration in the monitor or a base depending on the model, ensures a stable hold.

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