Why Live22 Malaysia Has Become The Best Gaming Site

There is so much competition when it comes to real money online gambling. In fact, it is amazing that so many of these sites can exist and still capture a large customer base. Maybe one reason for this is because many people like to switch between gambling sites because of the welcome bonus offers. However, nothing can beat the actual gaming experience you will get from playing at a well designed and thought out online casino. Live22 casino in Malaysia is exactly one of these casinos.

Some websites are clunky and confusing plus they do not operate on multiple hardware or software platforms. This can severely limit the number of clients the website can attract. On the other hand, there are those sites that like to offer exclusivity to a particular user base. For instance, Apple fanatics will likely play on a website that advertises the fact that it is only available on Apple devices. The line of thinking for these members is something like “I am an Apple user and Android users cannot play here”.

It is almost a status symbol. Well, the same can be said for Live22 in Malaysia in many respects. The website is exclusively for Malaysian players giving Malaysian real money casino gamers something that belongs to them.

However, that is not the be all and end all of the reason behind the fact that Live22 is so popular. Let’s rewind back to the introduction and revisit the part where I mentioned that it is playability of the site as well as the design. Well, Live22 casino has all of this. Not only that, the casino comes with great diversity by way of games and gaming designers.

If you want to play table games, then you are spoiled for choice. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are the most popular table games on the website and there is not just one type of each game. Every one of these games comes with its own variation. You could be playing blackjack with bonus bets, single deck blackjack or 4-deck blackjack games. The same goes for roulette where there is both Europen and American version of the game.

Most impressively though is the slots selection. Now if you are not a native Malaysian, which you are probably not as this website is not geared towards Asians, you are missing out on slot titles that you may never have known existed. Of course, all the usual slots are there from designers such as Playtech and BetSoft, but there are also Asia Gaming Slots that are geared toward Chinese clientele, which obviously makes sense because Malaysia has a large Chinese population.

It is the diverse array of slots and table games that makes Live22 casino what t is today. On top of this, and most importantly, you can play casino gaming titles from a large number of different casino gaming designers. This is because of the Live22 interface connects to several other casino gaming platforms such as Playtech, Asia Gaming, and BetSoft. The system then pulls the games from these platforms allowing clientele of Live22 casino to play titles from multiple vendors all in one place.

Last but not least, I have to mention how you can play at Live22. Now, this may sound contradictory because the casino is exclusively a Malaysian casino. That does not mean you cannot sign up from abroad. Check out the c9bets Live22 casino page in Malaysia. You will be able to download the iOS application or the Android application to play at the casino straight from this website. Then all you need to do is contact their customer support team via their live chat and arrange for them to set up an account for you so you can take advantage of Malaysia’s number one online casino.

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