The Place of Pick and Place Robots in Your Business

  There is a large number of pick and place robots available for many different applications. Choosing the right one for your particular needs is however not difficult because there will always be an expert to guide you as you choose. A pick and place robot is a great solution for providing solutions due to worker fatigue as well as reducing injuries caused by repetitive strain. This system can run without the need for operators. In addition, it aids in increasing efficiency and productivity. Image result for robotic arm Types of Pick and Place Robots The following are varieties of pick and place robots you are likely to come across as you shop:          The Robotic Arm This is possibly the most popular type of pick and place robot. The robotic arm is a 5 axis that is built for standard pick and place applications or the 6 axis which is most appropriate for more complex tasks such as twisting the product from the horizontal.          Cartesian This robot used to be popular because it was not as pricey as most. However, it is now mostly installed for injection moulding machines.          Delta Delta pick and place robots are great for applications that require high-speed pick and place and are usually installed above a conveyor belt.          Fast Pick As the name suggests, these robots are an excellent option for fast pick and place tasks. Their cycles can go to a hundred and fifty per minute.          Collaborative The business world is enthralled with cobots. The idea that humans and robots can work side by side on the production floor is quite intriguing. Collaborative robots have become quite popular and are increasingly finding their way into companies for a wide range of applications. However, they tend to be smaller than and not quite as fast as industrial robots. This possibly because they have built-in sensors that alert them when an object or human is close by so they can reduce speed or halt their operations to avoid collisions and injuries.  Installing Robotic Systems Collaborative robots are not very complex machines and some can be programmed by the business owner with instructions. However, industrial robots require skilled automation engineers. You will need to consult robot programmers, PLC programmers, mechanical and CAD engineers. You may also be expected to look at a simulation of your production process to have a feel of how the robots would work in your process. The simulation would also show you where you may need to make alterations in design before the complete program is installed. Requirements for a Robotic Pick and Place Systems The system requires the following:
  • Robot
  • A touch screen system- gives you options as well as capacity for increasing functionality such as monitoring and remote production.
  •    Guarding
  •  Doors with interlocks and the necessary safety features
  • Robot gripper (bespoke).
  • A conveyor. A basic one will do.
A professionally installed pick and place system is easy to modify to suit your specific needs. You can have it modified with regard to:          How many items the robot can pick at a go          Stacking configuration          Guarding          Layout If your product is not large, you can opt for a small pick and place installation. Small products do not necessarily need large systems since even the distance the product will be moved is not also short. Small pick and place systems are ideal for applications such as:          Getting small parts from one conveyor to another          Packing chocolate into boxes          Orientation of small parts          Positioning components on a circuit board          Picking objects off the conveyor belt and placing them on a tray Conclusion You are well advised to have your business needs assessed professionally before making your purchase to ensure that the system you pick is ideal for you. The right system comes with benefits that will favour your business as you will experience an increase in production as well as reduce instances of injury and waste.  

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