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The Best Options for the Betting Processes Online | Calendars News

The Best Options for the Betting Processes Online

When selecting your 먹튀검증 betting sites, it is interesting that you make a deposit there to always have a balance available to place your bets. Let’s explain further now:

Use our surebet formula

Now is the part of analyzing the quotes offered by the sites to apply our formula:

  • Best odds for team A + 1 
  • Best odds for team B + 1

Best odds for ties

This result should be less than 1, so we will have profit regardless of the result that happens. Choose a game that is unimportant and long awaited, as these events have their prices controlled. Give preference to those less important matches like local and friendly cup games. In these events, significant differences occur more frequently between quotations.

It’s time to bet

Now that we have chosen the game, we need to place our bet on: “End result at 1X2 (where 1 = home team win, X = Draw and 2 = away team win). Remember that bookmakers always try to avoid surebets. However, quotes change quickly and regularly, in which case it is possible to apply surebet.

Now we need to place our bets on these two bookmakers that we find the quotes interesting. 

But what value should we bet?

Let’s show you in our example below:

Surebet betting example

We based our example on a friendly match between The country and Netherlands and chose 2 betting sites. For example:

Sportingbet: The country: 1.9, Draw: 4.50, 3.20

BettingOnline: The country: 1.75, Draw: 6, 3.40

Again, we use the highest quotes for each result to use the formula indicated above. The result obtained with the formula is less than 1, so you will win with this bet. Now we need to determine how much we will bet. In order to earn high, you must bet high. In this example, we will choose to bet $ 100 in total by dividing the bet into three:

Victory of The country: 100 / 1.9 = 52.63. we will bet $ 52.63 on the victory of The country.

  • Win: 100 / 3.4 = 29.41. we will bet £ 29.41 on the Netherlands win.
  • Draw: 100/6 = 16.66. I’ll bet £ 16.66 on the tie.
  • Now let’s see our billing with the Surebet method: Sporting bet Betting Online Total
  • Victory of The country Earnings = R $ 47.36 (52.63 * 1.9 – 52.63) Loss = R $ 46.07 (29.41 + 16.66) Gain R $ 1.29 (47.36 – 46, 07)
  • Draw Loss = R $ 52.63 Earnings = R $ 53.92 (29.41 * 3.4 – 29.41 – 16.66) Gain R $ 1.29 (53.92 – 52.63)
  • Win Loss = R $ 52.63 Profit = R $ 53.92 (-29.41 + 16.66 * 6-16.66) Gain R $ 1.29 (53.92 – 52.63)

We will have a profit of $ 1.29 whatever the outcome of the game. And no risk of losing money.


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