What is email hygiene and why should your business consider it?

10 Essential Email Hygiene Best Practices For 2021

Every day websites receive plenty of email ids, some legitimate, some illegitimate, some fiction, and some with notorious intent. So, it becomes important for every business to check on these email ids and give importance to only legitimate ones or the ones which are interested in your business. It can help in saving costs as well as increasing business growth. This is where email hygiene becomes essential in making a list of loyal and interested customers.

What is email Hygiene?

Email hygiene can be defined as cleaning your email list. It is a process in which you remove the old email ids, redundant email ids or fictional email ids, etc, and keep only the responding and legitimate ones. This way as a business owner, you would be able to communicate with people who are actually genuinely interested in your business ventures and increase your sales activities also. This can also help in maintaining your spam mail count, as if the individual is interested, they don’t mark your email as spam.

There are various advantages of having good email hygiene and regular email list checkups. We are going to mention a few of these advantages for better understanding.

1. Delivery

Email hygiene would help you connect with individuals who want to connect with you. This will not only increase your good reputation but also benefit your business. If you do not take email hygiene seriously then you will find your email in your client’s spam folder and maybe lose some business.

2. Maintain Regulations

Having good email hygiene also helps you in maintaining a good relationship with rules and regulations. The recently implemented ones such as GDPR, CASL, and CAN-SPAM. Compliance with these regulations is very important for your business growth.

3. Connectivity

In all the unused email ids, and unopened emails, there are those email ids that respond to your emails regularly. This is one of the loyal customer email ids and needs to be given due attention and thought. But if you have poor email hygiene then you can miss this email id. Hence good email hygiene helps you in connecting with your loyal customer base.

Hence you should maintain good email hygiene. You can do this by following various methods apart from the traditional ones of removing redundant or old non responding email ids. One can always try to make a catchy, informative, and humorous subject line for the emails so that it allures the consumers or targeted audience to open the email. 

Another way to connect better with your targeted audience is to realize which segment of the audience you want to target and then make your emails accordingly. A good practice would be to have professional-looking email ids as the chances of anyone clicking on professional-looking email ids is higher.

Depending upon your need and requirement you can schedule your email hygiene routine. There are various software and programs which can help you with the task of regular maintenance of email hygiene. It is always recommended to have regular maintenance of email hygiene for better business growth.

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