5 Facial Vein Causes and Prevention Tips

Do you like how your face looks? Besides aging signs like wrinkles, you could also spot facial veins. As we age, the veins weaken. This means they can easily dilate and stretch due to internal or external factors. When your capillaries enlarge/dilate due to extra blood pressure, they bulge under the skin. Since the capillaries are close to the skin’s surface, they are easily noticeable, hence the facial veins. Rockville Centre facial veins become more visible as you age since the skin also becomes thin.

It is helpful to learn their causes and prevention tips as you consider facial vein treatment. This helps you ensure they don’t pop right back after treatment. Genetics could be the cause of your facial veins, which is beyond your control. Other common causes, especially ones you can control, include:

1.      Pressure

Extreme pressure on the face can damage the delicate capillaries. This could be from a range of activities, including vigorous washing and drying, scratching, popping pimples, trauma, like injuries, and sneezing, just to mention a few. You have heard it before; be gentle with your skin. From picking skin-friendly cleansers and makeup to gently patting to dry, you can eliminate significant stress from your face and avoid facial veins. Avoiding extra pressure, while not always possible, like in accidents or when sneezing, can help keep the facial veins from developing or worsening.

2.      Exposure

Sun exposure is a no-brainer. Sunburns are not just unsightly; they can also dilate the blood vessels. This is because the damage to the skin’s top layer causes it to peel, exposing the vessels under your skin. Exposure to other factors, including chemical irritants, wind, and extreme temperature changes, can also cause damage to the sensitive blood vessels leading to facial veins. Wear sunscreen, and while working in demanding environments, ensure you have the right gear on, keeping your skin protected.

3.      Alcohol

Alcohol can temporarily dilate your blood vessels. The vessels dilate with frequent and excessive drinking for longer periods, causing facial veins. Alcohol further causes issues such as black/whiteheads and can even extend to cystic acne and cause permanent scarring. Moderating your alcohol consumption or quitting altogether can help keep your skin smooth and concerns like facial veins at bay.

4.      Medical concerns

Certain medical conditions can increase the risks of developing facial veins. These include:

·         Liver disease

·         Lupus

·         Scleroderma

·         Rosacea, to mention a few

Medications, too, can cause your blood capillaries to fill and become visible. When taking prescription medication or buying over-the-counter drugs, see if they can affect your capillaries and avoid those you can, for example, Viagra.

5.      Diet

Do you like your food spicy? How about coffee; how much do you take in a day? Your dietary measures could be the cause of facial veins. Spicy foods and caffeine can fill the capillaries and make them visible, resulting in facial veins in the long run. Eating skin and heart-healthy meals can help avoid the situation or worsen the signs.

Facial veins can be treated and, with practical measures, prevent their re-occurrence. Visit or call South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine for treatment and advice to maintain your striking looks.

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