Unveiling what you need to know about the warts

Your skin is the largest organ that covers the inner part of the body, such as muscles and tissues, and prevents them from harsh outer conditions. Many people only maintain their skin to boost their attractiveness and appearance, thus, enhancing their self-esteem, especially in public. However, healthy skin is more than just a cosmetic concern. Notably, healthy skin boosts the wellness of the body, including effective functioning of different organs in the body, such as feet and hands. However, some skin infections such as warts West Coxsackie caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV) can undermine individuals’ mobility when they are prevalent in their feet. The following is the crucial information worth noting about warts.

Who can get warts?

Everyone can suffer from this condition, although children are more vulnerable since they are more likely to cut themselves. Also, individuals with a weak immune system, such as the elderly, are more susceptible to warts. Persons with autoimmune complications can get this condition with ease.

What are different forms of warts?

Warts exist in different forms based on the body part that they affect. The following are types of this condition;

·         Face: In this case, rough bumps will appear on the forehead and the face of the victim.

·         Genitals: they are warts that usually affect the reproductive parts such as the vagina and penis and are transmitted through sexual intercourse.

·         Hands: This is the common form of warts that affects the arms and can occur after touching the skin of the person having this condition.

·         Plantar warts: These are painful warts that affect certain parts of the feet, such as the soles.

Do warts have complications?

Yes, here are some of the issues attributed to this condition;

·         Infections: when individuals cut or pick the bumps on their skin, they usually expose the inner part of the body, which can be the entry point of bacteria causing the infections.

·         Disfigurement: individuals having weak immunity may get a collection of warts on their face or hand, which can reduce their attractiveness.

·         Cancer: when left untreated, genital warts can increase the chances of developing cervical and anal cancer.

·         Pain: different warts do not hurt, although plantar warts have a sharp pain where the patients feel like they are stepping on the pebbles with their bare feet.

What are the prevention measures for warts?

Individuals may not entirely avoid this condition, although they can adhere to some of the following tips to reduce the risk of collecting virus-causing warts;

·         Avoid direct contact with individuals having warts

·         Wash your hand frequently

·         Ensure that your skin is moist and free from cracks

·         Stop biting your nails and grinding the cuticle

·         Avoid sharing washcloths and towels

How does the specialist diagnose this condition?

In most cases, the health care providers identify warts by checking on the bumps along the skin. However, some specialists can use the biopsy technique, where they take some parts of the skin growth to examine whether it is attributed to HPV.

A significant portion of the population has had warts on their skin which are usually painful, especially when they are on foot. Also, this condition can undermine the individuals’ appearance and mobility. However, if you are a victim of this condition, you should not worry since Hudson Valley Foot Associates has a remedy that suits you. The facility has a team of experienced ankle surgeons providing diverse treatments for warts. Book an appointment today and visit the facility to live a quality life again.

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