This is what you are missing in your skincare routine:

Every woman has a wide range of beauty products in her makeup kit. They almost have everything that their skin needs in order to look young and fresh. But most women don’t even know about how beneficial the use of a good toner is. A Toner [โทนเนอร์, which is the term in Thai] is used in mthe iddle of the skin care process i.e. after you cleanse your face, your skin needs it. Back in the days, toners were only used after washing the face as soap or other cleansers used to mess up with the pH balance of the skin. But nowadays the beauty industry has revolutionized. Cleansers instead of messing the acidic nature of your skin, tries to store it back. This ensures that no sebum can get released by the skin and make it oily. The toners, these days, offers many more benefits to the skin. There is no reason left for a woman not to include these in her beauty kit.

Here’s how toner benefits your skin:

Even after you wash or cleanse your face, there is some excess oil and dirt that never goes away. Well, toner helps you to get rid of all the dirt that has been left after the cleansing process. These toners nowadays come in various forms targeting different concerns of skin. They are available for every skin type, including dry skin, oily skin, skin prone to acne and even anti-ageing toners are a thing now. 

Learn how to use it properly to achieve results quickly:

Using a toner is pretty straight forward. You have to take a cotton ball soaked in a little bit of toner and start wiping your face and neck with it. Do not rub too hard as it might give you rashes. Always use the toner after you have washed your face. It has to be used before you have applied your moisturizer. Otherwise, the excess dirt will keep sitting on your face causing skin degeneration.

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