Effective Treatments That Offer Long-Term Relief From Work Injuries

Sometimes work injuries are inevitable, and taking care of the hospital bills may be overwhelming and not feasible for the employee. Failure to seek treatment for a work injury may worsen it, resulting in severe complications. If work injury Woodbury prevents you from accomplishing your tasks, you may benefit from treatment at Woodbury Spine.

How can you sustain a work injury?

A work injury is a work-related illness or injury. You are vulnerable to several injuries during your working hours, including crush injuries, falls and trips, vehicle accidents, collision with objects, and repetitive injuries. Some of these may cause temporary disability, while others may contribute to permanent loss of mobility.

After sustaining a work injury, you may need several days off work to recover or seek medical care to prevent aggravating it. Most work injuries occur in the joints, neck, or lower back. Some of the complex work injuries you may experience include dislocations, spinal injuries, and fractures.

What should you do after getting a work injury?

After sustaining a work injury, you should inform your supervisor about the incident and ensure they record it correctly. The Woodbury spine team advises against ignoring your injury and deeming it minor or not worth taking time off from work. The injury may cause irreversible complications that may render you permanently immobile.

After informing your supervisor, contact your medical care provider and schedule a physical examination and therapy appointment. Your doctor will expect honesty and clarity about how you sustained the injury and the severity of your pain. If your injury needs medical intervention, Dr. O’Brien should be your first choice as he is recognized by the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.

What do you need to know about workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation refers to an employer’s insurance coverage covering rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and medical expenses for employees with work-related illnesses or injuries. This government-mandated program ensures that your medical bills are covered until you recover. This program also offers partial wages for the period you cannot work. You have a right to workers’ compensation even if the incident was due to your own or a colleague’s negligence. The only occasion where you may not receive workers’ compensation is when you injure yourself while on drugs or if you deliberately harm yourself.

What treatments can address a work injury?

During your visit to Woodbury Spine, the team may conduct a comprehensive physical examination, discuss your symptoms and review your health history to understand your health condition better. Dr. O’Brien analyzes the results before recommending treatments to restore your body’s optimal functioning. The severity and location of your work injury determine the components of your treatment.

Your provider may recommend treatments like steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, nerve blocks, work hardening programs, and physical therapy to relieve your symptoms. If these treatments fail to offer relief, your provider may recommend surgeries such as spine surgery to repair severe injuries. After your surgery, you may need to remain at the facility for monitoring and rest.

Call the Woodbury Spine office or schedule an appointment online today to explore the available treatments for a work injury.

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