Top University In Thailand To Secure A Bright Future

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The choice of the university you opt to study is one of the most significant components for success in whichever career you pursue. University education contributes to the ability of a student to prosper in the current workforce and ascertain an amazing job. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a university that can enhance the skill set of a student, encourage students to be creative and independent, provide them with the latest facilities, helps them conquer intellectual challenges, and give opportunities for them to attain the job of their dreams. 

Here is some information you need to know to apply to the best university in Thailand.

Chulalongkorn University

This is a public and autonomous University, currently ranked to be the No.1 university in Thailand for the past 7 continuous years as per the QS World University Rankings 2020. Having an experience spectrum of 104 years, Chulalongkorn University manages to be a steering institution of knowledge and innovation along with guiding students to become aware of means of sustainable development required for the much essential growth of the society. Here is an overlook of the various highlights of Chulalongkorn University.

  • Being one of the National Research Universities and having the back support of the Office of Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment of Thailand, Chulalongkorn University provides a wide range of international educational programs which come under science streams, architectural studies, management courses and several other varied streams.
  • Chula’s campus is another noteworthy aspect of this university. A creative and beautiful park is incorporated as a part of the University campus. Two innovative features of this park are a water retention pond with an adequate capacity and a rain garden. These elements were included in order to aid in lessening the effect of seasonal flooding that occurs in Bangkok every year. The campus is also famous for its different provisions regarding sports facilities for students as well as employees. 
  • For students seeking to pursue other diverse degree programs, this is the best university in Thailand to look for as it has a great number of integrated scholastic courses, taught by the most distinguished and competent professors from across the globe.

This Multi-cultural University strives to deliver an excellent educational journey to its students by concentrating not only on their academics but also to promote them in every other aspect of life. This is the best university in Thailand for students aspiring to have a good-quality learning atmosphere.

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