Five Tips for Displaying Signed Celebrity Collectibles

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Getting your hands on an item signed by a celebrity or athlete is the ultimate thrill of fandom. Seeing the autograph and knowing that this object, be it a hat, a baseball, a jersey, or maybe a photograph, was once in the hands of legend is pretty incredible. And having a whole collection of these items is even better. Naturally, you want to them off in your home or office for all to see. Your signed memorabilia will make for a great conversation starter and personal motivator. However, before you start setting things on shelves and mounting them to walls, here are five tips to consider to keep your signed treasures safe while they’re on display.

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1. If you are going to get things framed, have it done professionally.

Perhaps you have a jersey worn and signed by one of your favorite players. It might be tempting to place it in a frame yourself and quickly get it up on the wall. This is a bad idea. It might seem easy, but you can easily damage the fabric if it isn’t sealed in the frame just right. And there’s the lesser risk it looking less-than-perfection. Save yourself the trouble and find a professional framer with positive reviews and have it done right the first time.

2. Use UV protection glass.

When you go to that professional framer, be sure to ask for UV protection glass. If the regular glass is used, the colors on the jersey or in the photograph (or anything else) will fade over time. Even worse, the signature will fade too. Don’t risk it and make sure you get UV protection glass.

3. Keep your items sheltered from direct light, especially natural light.

Even if you use UV protection glass, direct lighting is still the enemy of your signed collectibles. Don’t display your items directly across from a window or on a shelf right under a fluorescent light. This will limit the lifespan and the value of your collectibles.

4. Keep your items away from vents.

Another enemy to watch out for is airflow. You do not want to keep your items directly in front of a heating or cooling vent. This can also damage them over time.

5. Rotate the items for display.

Especially if you have a larger collection, rotating items on display like a museum would is a smart move. This limits the exposure of each individual item. When a collectible is not on display, keep it in a dark, temperature-controlled space. This will keep it in pristine condition for when you do bring it out on rotation.

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