Three Reasons Professional Teeth Whitening in Berkeley is Worth the Cost

Are you ashamed of your smile because of stained, discolored, or yellowish teeth? If so, you may be able to benefit from professional teeth whitening. In-office teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment aimed at whitening your teeth, so you can have a brighter, uniform smile. In turn, you will feel more confident about yourself. But if your Berkeley dentist tells you the price of this dental service, you may wonder whether it is worth the cost. Typically, dentists and those patients who have gone through the teeth whitening procedure agree that the treat is worth their money. Here’s why:

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Do Not Deliver the Best Results

Teeth whitening strips that you can buy over the counter are more affordable than professional whitening. However, these products may only give temporary results, which are not often as powerful as professional teeth whitening. Their ingredients are only meant for treating surface stains. Unfortunately, discolored teeth can have both stains on and beneath the surface. Thus, you can only achieve the full, lasting whitening you desire through professional treatment.

You Can Preserve Your Enamel

Trying to get rid of tooth stains by brushing and flossing does not deliver the results you want. Regular brushing, whitening toothpaste, and regular flossing can address surface stains. But you may think that brushing your teeth vigorously and frequently can enhance their whiteness. Unfortunately, overbrushing, using abrasive toothpaste, and using a toothbrush with a hard bristle can only weaken and wear down the enamel. When this happens, your teeth can become sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet food and beverages.

Professional Whitening Provides Comfortable and Durable Results

Professional teeth whitening comes in many forms including in-office and take-home. But professional teeth whitening treatments consider your comfort. Your dentist will perform the procedure while protecting your gums and pick a treatment course that best fits your needs. 

Additionally, professional teeth whitening may provide you with optimal results that last for years, depending on your diet and lifestyle. This is because it reaches deep below your teeth’s surface, brightening and whitening them from the inside out. You can display a beautiful smile for years as long as you practice good oral hygiene. As a result, your investment will pay off down the road. 

If you are not satisfied with the look of your smile due to discoloration, consider professional teeth whitening. To know more about your whitening options and the related costs, consult with a dentist soon. 

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