How To Determine The Height Of Fence You Need For Your Home

Homeowners who have decided to hire a concrete fence contractor shouldn’t make the decision on a whim. In fact, the installation of a concrete fence will make drastic changes on the property that it should not be taken lightly. For those who have thought a great deal about fencing off their home or property, there are many factors worth considering. The first two considerations would always be budget and the contractors to hire, but one crucial factor is often forgotten: fence height. If you haven’t thought about the height of the concrete fence before installing, here are a few elements to keep in mind: #1: The Purpose And Function Of The Fence First and foremost ask yourself what is the reason for building a fence on the property? Is it to keep pets and children safe? Is it to enhance the security of the home? Will it be used for privacy reasons? Determining the main function and use of the fence will help you decide on the right height. Fences used for keeping pets and children safe can be short, but fences that enhance privacy and security should be tall enough to keep unwanted attention and strangers away. A concrete fence contractor will provide possible options upon request. #2: Fence Location On The Property Also, consider where the fence will be installed before committing to its height. Tall fences that hide the home from the outside can affect its aesthetics and make the house look unwelcoming. However, taller fences at the back of the house can be the perfect addition that will increase safety and security. On large estate-type properties, fencing may be short or long, it doesn’t really matter because the property owners usually and already have other security methods such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and manned security ammo place as well. The knowledge of where to buy 5.56 ammo will be an added advantage. #3: Fence Style Speaking of front fences affecting the home’s beauty, this can be avoided by choosing the right type of style. There are several tall fence options that do not block the full view of the house but still offers a lot of protection and privacy. Speak with the fence installation company about the various styles they offer so you can choose the perfect one that fits your needs and personal style. #4: Surroundings Of The Home Take a good look at the surroundings of your home before choosing a fence. Are there nearby neighbors that may be opposed to high fences? Is there a vacant lot behind the property that can be used as an entrance to your home by strangers? Is your home located in an area where wild animals are known to run free? Consider all of these instances before deciding. Shorter fences are great to keep unwanted wildlife out while also pleasing your neighbors, but it is not enough to keep intruders away. Keep these factors in mind so you can make the right choice. #5: Local Zoning Laws And Regulations Finally, do not forget to check the local zoning laws and regulations regarding fence heights. Different communities and counties have their standards for fences. It is best to work with a local fencing company that is familiar with the zoning laws in the area to avoid any costly investments that will get fined once installed.

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