How To Convince Elderly Parents To Move To Assisted Living

Caregivers who are concerned about the well-being of their elderly loved ones may be contemplating a move from the senior’s home to an assisted living facility. This decision is never an easy one to make and, for many elderly adults, it’s a choice that isn’t always theirs to make even if it’s done with their best interests at heart.

But while this next phase in a senior’s life is often the best option to keep them healthy, it’s not always something that is easy to sell to one’s elderly parents. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to help seniors adjust to the eventuality of moving into assisted living. Here are some tips to help convince elderly parents that such a choice is the best thing for them at this point in time, courtesy of Seniors Helping Seniors

Make the Suggestion

One of the biggest fears that seniors typically have about moving to assisted living is the loss of their freedom and independence. So you do not want to begin this conversation about a move to assisted living by making them feel as if you have already decided to take this drastic measure.

Take the discussion slowly and present assisted living as an option that might best fit their lifestyle and necessities for care. You can present your parent with a list of benefits that will make them intrigued by living in an assisted living situation.

Do the Research

It’s possible that you have done or will do this step prior to approaching your elderly parent with the idea of a move into assisted living. But either way, you don’t want to send your senior loved one into just any facility. You want a reliable, clean, pleasant, and thoughtful assisted living center for your senior.

Once you identify a couple that seem like the right fit, you may want to suggest that you and your elderly parent take a tour of some of these facilities. But don’t be surprised if your parent isn’t all that thrilled about the idea of taking a tour, even resisting outright. That’s fine, it’s perfectly okay and you should probably just table this discussion for a later point in time.

Pick Your Opportunity

You may find yourself waiting for a situation to arise where you can point out that an assisted living center is the preferable alternative to the living conditions your parent currently finds him or herself in at the moment.

Perhaps there’s a minor crisis, a quick scare, or maybe your parent is feeling lonely and wishes there were more people around with whom to talk and do things. These are the moments where you may want to bring up the subject of moving your elderly parent into an assisted living center once again.

Pointing out an example where assisted living could be a useful, even preventative influence in their life may go a long way towards making your case successfully. But the thing you want to avoid the most is trying to force this upon your senior. When that happens, you’re making it a lot more difficult not only to convince your parent to move, but it could have lasting repercussions for their mental and emotional well-being when they are living in the facility and they just simply don’t want to be there.

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