Mongolia for Families: Camping, Hot Springs, and Dinosaur Graveyards

Looking for a unique destination for your next family trip? Look no further than the expansive natural beauty of Mongolia. Fast becoming a top tourist destination, Mongolia offers families open access the vast Gobi Desert,it’s majestic mountains, and wide-open steppes. With so many options for your vacation, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to see in this ancient land.

From the Gobi desert in the south, to the natural beauty of Mongolia’s national parks, to the ancient capital of Karakorum, Mongolia tour operators can help you explore all that Mongolia has to offer. Their expertise will help ensure you and your family experience the most of Mongolian culture, food, and landscape in full comfort and safety. Here are a few examples of family trips to Mongolia.

The Jewels of Mongolia Tour

The perfect family tour, the Jewels of Mongolia tour focuses on central and northern Mongolia and consists of plenty of outdoor active time for hiking, horseback riding and swimming. You can even go mountain biking. You will have the opportunity of a lifetime with a chance to meet and understand the different ethnic groups of Mongolia, some of them nomadic, and to learn about their ancient traditions and lifestyles on the Mongol steppes. You will learn about the reintroduction of the famous Mongolian wild horses of theKhustaiinNuruu Strictly Protected Area. The kids will love staying overnight in a ger camp. These traditional felt dwellings of the nomads are simple, yet cozy and have all the amenities.

The UNESCO World Heritage Landscape site, theOrkhon Valley, will spark your family’s imagination as you learn of the stories of the kingdoms and empires that have ruled Central Asia. You’ll hike, visit hot springs and cold pools, thick pine forests and volcanic canyons.

Discovering the Gobi Desert

If you truly want to experience Mongolia and you are a little short on time, the Discovering the Gobi Desert tour will immerse your family in the ancient trade route between the East and the West, complete with camels and caravans. The kids will be awed by the ancientpetroglyphs atKhavtsgait and one of the world’s largest dinosaur graveyards atBayanZag. Parents will enjoy the breathtaking sunsets at the Flaming Cliffs and thewonderous natural beauty of this unspoiled natural environment.

Mongolia tour operatorscantake the hassle out of your trip and ensure you make the most of your time without spending it searching for restaurants and lodgings on your own. Your family’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment are the top priority, while at the same time allowing you to truly immerse yourself in Mongolia, one of the rarest and most culturally significant countries in the history of the world.

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