Four Elements of Restaurant Signs That Stand Out

How do you make your restaurant stand out from the stiff competition in your area? Depending on where you’re located, there could be dozens of other options along the block. Hungry customers don’t have a lot of patience, so you’ll want to broadcast your restaurant loud and clear. The right neon restaurant signs can help. Read on to find out more:

Consider Using Both Images and Text

You’ll want to showcase what your business offers with a nod toward the customers’ experience. Does your restaurant specialize in a specific dish, for instance, pizza, coffee, or pho? Neon signs are a great way to get your name out there and make it clear what dishes will wow the customers.

However, you don’t always need to combine the two. For small interior signs, sometimes text is enough. In this case, letter style choices are more important than ever (see below).

Capture Customers’ Attention With Color

Neon is available in nearly any color, so you have a lot of options here. However, some classic choices include bright reds and yellows contrasted with vibrant greens. Some people believe that these colors automatically trigger hunger. That’s why all fast food places seem to use the same color palate. However, there’s something to be said for adding a splash of unexpected color, too. If you’re looking to draw in a younger or more experimental crowd, try mixing things up.

Add Moving Features

Neon signs can create the illusion of movement in several ways. Some blink. This is often most effective when only a key part of the sign blinks, for instance, the steam rising over a bowl of soup. However, for signs with many elements, having everything blink can be confusing.

Another option is to have a focus word blink while the neon outline is static. Finally, you can have elements that blink in sequence. This can look like everything from a figure waving customersinto waves crashing against a shore.

Select Your Letter Styles

Choosing the right lettering style is an important but often overlooked element to the sign. The right style can showcase the vibe of your restaurant. Uppercase block letters lend themselves to a more casual dining experience. More unusual choices can showcase a playful or experimental place.

Some letter styles hint at ethnic cuisine or a theme. For instance, if you have a Greek restaurant, sharp angular letters can bring to customers’ minds images of the Greek islands. You’ll also want to consider the overall size of the sign. Ornate letter styles squeezed into a small space can be hard to read because the neon seems to bleed together at a distance.

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