What You Should Do When Considering Breast Reduction

If you feel your breasts are heavy and oversized and causing complications like back pain, you might want to consider reducing them. They could also be getting in the way of the quality of your life by affecting your confidence and self-esteem. Medical specialists like Dr. Talal Munasifi can help you evaluate your breast reduction options to restore the quality of your life. Several factors can be blamed for your situation, and your doctor will first seek to understand the reason for your case to understand the proper treatment for you. Here is a guideline for you if you are considering breast reduction.

Evaluate Your Medications

Some medications like hormonal medicines can cause significant changes to your body, including increased breast size. Therefore, talk to your doctor about your birth control option and investigate if it is to blame for your situation. This will help you take some conservative measures before breast reduction surgery. Your doctor can recommend alternative contraceptives which are non-hormonal to avoid increased breast size. The increased breast size could be temporary, like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Get Screening for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been found to have an impact on breast size. Generally, every woman must have regular breast cancer screening without any warning signs. But if your breasts have increased in size, you would want to rule out the possibility of cancer being to blame, especially if one breast seems more significant than another. You might need cancer treatment before the breast reduction surgery. Or your doctor can rule out cancer and proceed with breast reduction surgery.

Try Non-Surgical Treatments

Some medications can be used to help reduce our breast size. Your doctor will evaluate the possible causes of your increased breast size and guide you on the medicines that can reverse your symptoms. Also, you might benefit from natural remedies that can help reduce your breast size. You could gain from specific exercises depending on the size of your breasts. Remember that surgery becomes a viable option after losing and achieving an ideal weight. Therefore, your doctor can recommend a weight loss program before breast reduction surgery.

Opt for Surgery

If you have tried conservative measures and other medical alternatives for reducing your breast size without success, you can go for surgery. Your doctor will evaluate your overall health status and investigate your medical and family history to proceed with the treatment. Surgery is necessary, especially if you are experiencing significant neck or back pain or other complications. Book an initial consultation appointment with your doctor to understand the specific procedure and learn how you can prepare for the course. You will also understand what you can expect for the entire treatment to help you be mentally prepared.

Maintaining Your Results

After breast reduction surgery, you should prevent returning to where you were. If you understand the factors that led to your increased breast size, avoiding them and taking mitigation measures is essential. Your doctor will instruct you to follow the guidelines strictly. You might have to alter your diet habits to avoid gaining weight and invest in an exercise regime to maintain your ideal weight and body physique.

Working with experienced medical professionals should be your priority if you are considering breast reduction. Get in touch with the breast reduction specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center for help. Make a call or book your appointment online.

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