Know These Tips While Shiping Your Motorcycle

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While relocating to any other state or city usually shipping your motorcycle can be quite a tough ordeal. Surely you cannot ride your bike for making a painful journey to your new location. However, your motorcycle is also important to take along with you since it is going to help you commute freely and easily in your new city/ state.

If you are concerned about shipping your Motorcycle transport then you will be quite happy to know that one of the best shipping companies for motorcycles is available in the country. You can contact the representative of Ship a Car, Inc. who can transport your bike at an affordable cost and in the safest possible manner. 

SAC can ship all types of motorcycles right from adventure touring bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, choppers, motocross bikes, power cruisers, sports bikes, scooters, naked bikes, power scooters, and many more.

Whichever way you decide to move your motorcycle the following few tips can be very handy for you while shipping your bike across the country:

  1. Look for all available options

It will be prudent on your part to check all available options available to you while moving your motorcycle to any new city or state. If you have decided to hire any transporter then it will be better to get enough feedback about the service provider before you zero-in for any of them.

You can read the customer reviews about the transporter on the internet. 

  1. Document properly about the present condition of the bike

Whichever service provider you may choose for shipping your bike, you must make a very clear documentation based on your motorcycle condition before you surrender your motorcycle to the service provider. If there exists any preexisting damage, then take a few pictures as proof.

Any shipping company cannot refute your claim if any damage is found at the receiving end as your document will serve as valid proof. 

  1. Give sufficient notice

If you have finally decided to avail the service from any shipping company to transport your motorcycle then you must plan well ahead of your actual day of movement. Any shipping company will not transport your motorcycle on the same day when you hand over your motorcycle to them. 

They have a certain lead time based on the availability of transport for the city where you intend to ship your motorcycle.

  1. Check for your fuel and any leaking of fluids

While handing over your vehicle you must make sure that the fuel tank is neither full and nor fully empty. You must have some amount of fuel left so that it can be driven for a few miles at least.

Also, ensure that your motorcycle should not have any leaking fluids as the shipping company may charge you an additional surcharge for any leaking motorcycle.

  1. Inspect fully your bike on arrival

Last but not the least, at the receiving end when your motorcycle arrives at the destination, then ensure that your motorcycle is perfectly functioning and no damage has been done. 

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