Why Smart Glass Is the Smartest Choice for Builders Today

Construction has changed a lot over the past few decades. The way that technology keeps advancing allows the construction industry to develop and improve its processes continually. The changes brought about by technology have given us some interesting building materials that are not only sustainable but practical as well, like smart glass.

Smart Glass - Everything You Want To Know...And More

What is smart glass?

What is better known as smart glass is actually called electrochromic glass. This type of building material has become quite popular with residential and commercial buildings because of its unique energy-saving properties.

The advancement of building automation has boosted smart glass sales. It has made the material a very smart (pun not intended) building material for residential or commercial window installation. The concept of outfitting our homes with electrical devices to make our lives more convenient is one of the triggers that made the production of smart glass possible. It allows for the easy transmission of light and heat in and out of a structure with the simple press of a button.

Smart glass has the unique ability to change its appearance from clear to dark in a matter of minutes. It can do this because of electrochromism, or the process where materials change color whenever an electrical voltage is applied. Its darkened state reflects about 98% of the light and heat that falls on them. This alone minimizes the need for air conditioning inside a building. On the flip side, during colder days, a flick of a switch can turn it transparent and let as much light and warmth in.

Smart glass, also known as smart windows, dynamic windows, and switchable windows, is not only aesthetic but also energy-saving, which means it is budget- and eco-friendly.

Why is it the smartest choice for builders?

1. It is versatile.
Smart glass has been around for a few years now, but it was only just recently that more and more builders started incorporating them into their design, especially with the growth of green architecture.

This material can be used in building exteriors as windows and doors. It can be incorporated with interior design as well as specified by the property owner or the recommendation of the designer.

2. It offers privacy.
Because of its technology, smart glass provides different levels of privacy to any property, depending on how it is used. There are a lot of different applications for smart glass because of the privacy it provides. Not only can it be used for a building’s exteriors to filter out the sunlight, but it can also be used indoors to provide offices, cubicles, and conference rooms with the level of privacy they need.

3. It is a sustainable building material.
The best thing about smart glass products is the wide range of sustainability benefits, making it an ideal building material for residential and commercial properties. Its unique energy-saving properties make it an obvious choice for green architecture.

The material allows the user to determine how much light will be let in a certain indoor space. More than the privacy it has to offer, the ecological benefits of controlling the amount of daylight in a building minimize energy consumption, which means a lesser carbon footprint.

4. It is easy to use and maintain.
Smart glass is one of the easiest materials to work with. Installation is not a problem despite the technology involved. It is user-friendly because it can be operated with a simple push of a button or flick of a switch. It sure beats the opening or closing curtains or blinds to let the light in or keep it out. In some cases, it can be activated by voice command, depending on how the system is set-up.

What’s more, cleaning is a breeze because you only need to wipe the glass from inside and outside. And since you no longer need curtains nor blinds when you have smart windows, you don’t need to worry about cleaning blinds and washing curtains.

5. It is stylish and classy.
One of the great things about using smart glass as a building material is it’s stylish, sophisticated, and very classy. It looks good in whatever state it is in, darkened, frosted, or clear. Glass panel windows have always added a structure’s aesthetic appeal. Installing smart glass on your building will add to your property’s curb appeal and market value.

With all the emphasis on green architecture in the past few years, the switch to smart glass from conventional glass is one of the smartest choices any homeowner or builder can make.

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