How To Find The Right Keywords For You

Finding the right keywords for your own website or articles is not easy. In fact it can be quite daunting a task, especially if the keywords or keyword phrases you do choose never get searched for by anyone using the popular search engines through Google or Yahoo searches for example.

So how do you know if the keywords you’ve chosen or are considering for your site or article is actually searched for by anyone? Do I simply guess? You ask, or is there some magical way of getting a free helping hand from somewhere, that could help you to determine what keywords or phrases to actually use, ones that are at least being searched for by real people.

There is a little known webmasters tool that can go a long way to helping you choose your Keywords and it’s actually totally free and provided by Google itself, and is called Google Suggest.

How Does It Work

Now I use this free tool so much that I’ve set it as my homepage, and it works by automatically filling in the search box with suggestions as you type with relevant keywords which have been searched for by its customers, so lets say for example your site was about auto repairs, as you start to type several suggestions start appearing below the search box. Actually auto repairs as of publishing this article had 17,600,000 searches, this information is on the right in green, and by scrolling down the list you’ll see another good set of words is auto repair manual with a search result of 2,900,000. so now we have 2 good keyword phrases, if we then juggle around the words we have already into say, repair manual auto we are expanding and get a list something like:

Ø auto repairs………… 17,600,000 searches

Ø auto repair manual…… 2,900,000 searches

Ø repair manual auto …… 3,080,000 searches

Ø repair manual automotive 1,600,000 searches

Ø automotive repair… 7,870,000 searches

Ø automotive repairs… 1,800,000 searches

You can quickly see how, from the resulting suggestions presented by Google anyone can begin to develop a substantial list of keywords in a very short time for any given base idea, which you can then easily include into your website meta tags or within your articles knowing that these terms are actually searched for by real people, so chances are that by utilizing these keywords or phrases regularly, into everything you publish, you may in fact get ranked higher for these terms over the longer period.

This is only one method of finding and using good keywords. There are many other ways, far beyond the scope of this article, but it should have given you a quick and free insight into the whole daunting process, and show you that armed with just a basic free tool like the Google Suggestion tool, keyword finding just got a whole lot easier from now on. Check out www.Car for getting Car Parts OR Renting & Leasing.

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