Internet business ideas to invest money

Become a wedding planner

Relieve people’s stress when planning a wedding, offer an interesting, exciting wedding on a trip to the islands, or to the TOP attractions of the world. Create honeymoon trips for honeymooners and travel with them to exciting destinations around the world.

As an additional idea for a wedding travel agency, organize several couples of newlyweds after the wedding on a collective honeymoon trip in a good fun company with a guide, photographer and videographer. A new business idea in this direction is to organize cool honeymoon trips for several couples of newlyweds in the adventure format with the creation of a film or a series of videos on YouTube. The trick is a wedding adventure with a guide and a personal videographer + photographer (the newlyweds will remember such a honeymoon trip for a long time). Or it can be an individual, original author’s honeymoon trip for one couple.

Live streaming in 2022

Live streaming is the best idea in 2022. You can start any business with it. When you stream and get a loyal fan-base, then businesses would love to partner with you. In this case, you get involved in b2b space. You are offering business services (promotion, marketing or even traditional PR during the live streams) to other businesses. You can buy Twitch viewers, deliver quality content streams and stick with it.

Startup as a Service – Local Guides

Creating a local guide service can introduce people to places of interest, history, nature, and the environment. The idea is to help tourists enjoy unforgettable experiences in your area, city, region. A local guide and tour guide will show you interesting places, streets, buildings, architecture and history best of all. Create travel guides, describe and photograph landmarks, and partner with local businesses for promotional opportunities. For large cities with an interesting history and attractions, it makes sense to create an agency of guides and tour guides with advanced programs for tourists.

Idea for a local guide – develop your own original route through the area (something that no one has shown before), find unique historical places, abandoned buildings, unusual natural places. Lead tourists along abandoned unknown trails, show the most beautiful places to meet sunrise and sunset, and offer photosets at the same time.

Make a local grocery delivery service

Starting a grocery delivery business can have a minimal cost to start a business. The focus of this idea is local delivery, that is, locally, in and around your area. All you need is a car and a mobile phone to get started with the delivery. Help the elderly or people who are too busy to shop by offering this community friendly service.

You can even contact grocery stores in your area to see if they are willing to partner with you so you can start doing the service from scratch. Small stores always need delivery of small quantities of goods. The delivery business can grow and scale. Now during the pandemic, the delivery of products and goods is one of the most sought-after business areas.

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