Explanation For Traders About RoboForex Bonus And Its Advantages

Roboforex is an international broker selling all kinds of financial products (over 9,000 markets). The organization was founded in 2009 and features a terrific history to this day. RoboForex Ltd has the IFSC Belize brokerage license “Trading financial instruments and derivatives commodities and other securities” under IFSC / 60/271 / TS. RoboForex Bonus is also available in this broker.

Advantages of Roboforex Broker

RoboForex Analytical Center is designed with trader convenience in mind, so it has features that are simple and convenient for even novice traders to use. Among these features are:

Feeds: There is a market overview, fundamental, technical, and wave analysis, Fibonacci retracements, Ichimoku Cloud, and the forecast for the week.

Calendar: Know when important data is released, as well as what days the world’s financial market centers are closed and open.

Signals: Get technical indicators readings MA10, MA20, MA50, MA100, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku, Stochastic, William’s, ZigZag, and market sentiment in a concise format that can be viewed via a single window.

Tools: Find historical volatility charts, calculate possible Fibonacci pivots and retracements, plus information on interest rates in the US.

Chat: Have a question about the current market situation? Ask an experienced analyst and get a well-founded answer.

Education: Want to improve your knowledge of trading? see the terms of this information section.

Video: Video projection of the main instrument movements for the week is 5-7 minutes long.

Very Complete Software And Applications

RoboForex broker gives a very full range of Software and applications for traders using Autotrading, Robo Trading, or Expert Advisor (EA) tactics. Moreover, there is also a Free VPS offer with very light conditions that can be used together with your robot.

Analytics Center

All RoboForex Users Can subscribe to the analysis center. This Analytics Center contains the latest market reviews, a forex calendar, as well as a summary of emerging trading fx signals from various technical indicators, along with tools such as pivots and historical volatility. This service will especially support those of you who don’t want to use Autotrading and choose to trade with different techniques.

RoboForex Bonus Variety More Tempting

RoboForex provides various bonuses and tempting offers. There is a Tradable bonus of up to 50% which is adjusted to your first deposit, plus Cashback service and additional bonuses for subsequent deposits. There is also a special automatic fund withdrawal facility for withdrawals via Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller. Bonus programs and other promotions from Roboforex can be seen on the following page.

RoboForex updated the terms and conditions of the bonus programs they offer. Take advantage of the additional opportunities presented by RoboForex to trade as much as possible. Curious about what bonuses RoboForex provides? Check out the details below.

Classic Bonus up to 120%

• This is a bombastic bonus from RoboForex that makes you more flexible to trade.

• The maximum trading bonus amount has been increased to 120%.

• The amount of trading volume required to withdraw the bonus is two times less than before.

Bonus “Profit Share”

• The maximum bonus amount has been increased to 60%.

• There is no minimum deposit value.

• The amount of trading volume required to withdraw the bonus has been reduced by two times.

RoboForex Introduces New Platform For Trading Stocks

RoboForex broker informs its clients that their online stock trading platform, RoboForex Stock has received an update. Several advanced innovations have been added to enhance the trading experience of its clients. RoboForex understands that time is money while the vision for the future will continue. This broker makes easy solutions in the form of services with real exchange execution.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced investor looking for a simple and cost-effective platform or a newcomer looking for investment according to your interests and passions. RoboForex provides platforms and tools to achieve each trader’s unique investment goals. Through RoboForex Stock, the broker provides clients with opportunities to invest in technologies, commodities, markets, and companies of international repute.

Here are some of the latest innovations from RoboForex Stocks:

• The interface has been completely redesigned. Traders are going to be able to make use of the platform. Trade, add charts, view account summaries, and many other actions in just two easy steps.

• Improvised charts allow traders to place or add charts in various ways. Traders can also add an indicator to the general list by request.

• Updated “One-Click-Trading” widget and trading window so you can trade with maximum comfort but it doesn’t take much time.

• Advanced Watchlist can be used to view a list of the highest stocks in the US market or create a personal list according to your taste. The advantages of trading facilities provided by today’s brokers are not only limited to lucrative bonuses or trading contests. Knowing the difficulties that many traders face in analyzing market conditions and making the right trading decisions, the RoboForex broker provides forex traders free daily analysis summaries in 13 languages ​​in the RoboForex Analytical Center

RoboForex Improves Client Data Security Features

Quoted from the official page of the RoboForex broker, this forex trading service provider that has been established since 2008 has just updated the security settings of the Members Area. With the addition of this new feature, RoboForex clients can manage security settings from the profile page.

Through the one-module security feature, clients don’t have to worry because they can access the Members Area from anywhere, not just through a computer. This development strongly supports the lifestyle of today’s traders which is very dynamic and demands time effectiveness.

The Importance of Verification To Add Data Security

Thanks to the innovations recently launched by RoboForex broker, making changes in terms of security settings is much easier and time-saving. To further add to the trader’s convenience, RoboForex says that the security of the Members Area is equipped with various protection features, including:

1. Verify mobile number

2. Enable two-factor authentication: via smartphone app or SMS code

3. Notification via SMS

By verifying the mobile number, the client will get a notification when the Personal Area page is accessed. This is certainly very useful for securing data if client profiles are accessed without their knowledge.

RoboForex is a broker that is always evolving and providing innovative trading platforms in its services. With increased security, RoboForex broker is committed to providing convenience to its clients. Complete information about the RoboForex broker can be found on the official website.

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