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Having a beautiful and colorful wedding comes with so many beautiful decorations and ornaments, and flowers are not left out. Have you ever imagined attending a wedding without fresh flowers? Wedding flowers are one of the most stands out features of that special day and it comes with glamour, elegance, fragrance, or even a fun pop of color and a wild range of choices are available for you depending on your specifications and choice. When choosing the flower that suits your wedding, your color of the day is quite important. For some, they already know the flower subscription service Houston of choice they want for their wedding or wedding anniversary while for some they are not certain about which flower they should go for. With a wedding planner, it might be easier but if you don’t have the luxury and finance we got you covered as we will guide you in making the right choice at a pocket-friendly rate and if you have all it takes we will still give you a guide for you to get the best of what you want. But Amidst all this, some factors come to mind as it guides you properly, your budget is one of the major factors that determines what you should be going for, then color palette and style come into play when choosing the right flowers for your big day.

Affordable Houston Wedding Flowers


Hydrangea is one of the most favorite flowers when it comes to Houston wedding flowers and wedding decorations because of their lush gorgeous, and perfect outlook which suits almost every wedding style. Their uses range from romantic to formal, whimsical, modern, and even rustic. This choice of flower comes in different hues and shapes and colors but the most popular and widely used one is the standard hydrangea which most people are familiar with and they come in white or blue, green, pink, red, and even purple petals.


Another on our list is the Rose, it is classic and ideal for your wedding. This rose comes in different forms and colors, like the lush garden roses, spray roses; this flower makes an excellent primary stem in bouquets, and can also fill out arrangements as a secondary selection. In terms of color, roses come in a variety of colors, there’s no need to worry about finding the right one to match your wedding color palette.


These pinkish, white, or red flowers are best for a spring or summer wedding, the lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. With big delicate blossoming petals, peonies work great paired in a bouquet with other cream-colored flowers and eucalyptus. Apart from their traditional shades, they rarely come in coral, yellow, and mahogany.


Ranunculus blooms flowers are one of the best bridal bouquets because of their delicate petals and wide color range. Apart from weddings, they are also used in a variety of arrays.

Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is another great choice as it’s one great choice for brides as it looks lovely on its own or arranged with other florals. This romantic and ruffled flower comes in a range of colors from pink to purple to white shades.


The tulips flowers for wedding bouquets are a natural elegance with a tulip exudes, whether pastel, vibrant, or crisp white, lends itself that suits any wedding style. This flower comes with a sleek form is which is a lovely juxtaposition to more intricately petaled flowers and fillers. Amongst all this, we also have some other flowers from our favorite Houston florists Delivery that are best for weddings like the Dahlia, Anemone, Orchid, Carnation, Succulent, Baby’s Breath, Daisy, Calla lily, and Gardenia.

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