5 Of The Worst Things You Could Spill On Carpet

You purchased that beautiful new long lasting carpet for your home, so you’re fully invested in making sure it will always look its best. But life often has other plans with spills and messes that can impact your carpet in ways that might be permanent despite having carpet cleaners brunswick try to remove the toughest stains.

As for those stains, most liquids and substances that get on your carpet are easily picked up and stains either halted or removed entirely after the fact. But there are some things that you can spill on a carpet that are the worst of the worst. Five in particular are among the most potentially destructive if you fail not only to clean them up immediately but also to clean them up incorrectly.

Some of these messes can be very difficult to get out of your carpet fibers once they’ve soaked in, no matter how many cleansers and stain removers you apply to the area. What are these stains that can be almost impossible to get out of your carpeting?

1. Blood

Most stain removers will claim they can lift blood from your carpet and even a small drop or two might be eliminated entirely. But if you or someone else in the home sustains a serious wound that blood can seep into the fibers and settle in for the long term. Enzymatic cleansers are your best against even the toughest blood stains after the mess has been cleaned up but you can do the most good by blotting it off the carpeting as fast as you can.

2. Pet Messes

If your cat or dog has peed or pooped on the carpeting you are dealing with two possible issues. The first being a visual discoloration of the fibers along with the strong foul odor that comes with it. The second is the potential for your pet to return to the same spot on the carpet and foul the area repeatedly, causing irreparable damage to it.

3. Ink

No matter how fast you clean up an ink spill, you’re most likely going to see a stain set in almost immediately. That is, if the ink is oil-based. Water-based inks are somewhat easier to clean up and remove without any permanent remembrance of the accident.

4. Coffee

Have you ever been told by your dentist to slow down on the coffee intake because it can stain your teeth? Well what do you think it can do to your carpet should knock over a mug of it in the morning? A quick cleanup can have the best benefit for avoiding a stain, but should you fail to get to it in a timely manner, you will find a light brown or yellow stain has absorbed into the fibers.

5. Fruit-based Spills

Whether you knocked over a glass of Cabernet or your child has spilled a cup of cranberry, the dark colors of both these and many other similar liquids have the ability to ruin a carpet in just a matter of minutes. These spills are easier to conceal in dark carpets with patterns but drop some grape juice on that beige shag carpet and you’re going to have a long hard road ahead for trying to wipe out that stain entirely.

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