Fact Check: 5 CBD Facts You Deserve to Know

Surely, the growing number of businesses specializing in CBD-based products testifies the swelling number of cannabis enthusiasts all over the globe. From teens to oldies, man to woman, the cannabidiol craze is really set to take the world by storm.

Excited to have a taste and experience the different CBD products out there? Before you do, it is important to equip yourself with different important details about marijuana.

To help you with that, the following are a few key facts about cannabis that you certainly deserve to know.

  1. CBD is psychoactive.

Although cannabis doesn’t produce a feeling of being ‘high in the clouds’, is non-intoxicating, and leads to no serious side effects, it is misleading to tag it as a “non-psychoactive” compound. When we speak of the term “non-psychoactive,” we are referring to substances that do not alter the state of mind of a person. However,according to Dr. Ethan Russo, a scientist specializing in cannabinoid, cannabis does alter the brain. In particular, it influences the body’s endocannabinoid system to alter the release of neurotransmitter in the brain and, in turn, boost balance and enhance body functions.

Thus, although a non-intoxicating drug, cannabis is still a psychoactive substance.

  1. There’s no physical reaction to too much CBD Oil intake

Anxious on what could happen if you indulge in a few spoonsful of CBD hemp oil? Bid your worries goodbye. Chris Sayegh, owner and head chef of The Herbal Chef explained that there is actually no physical reaction to ingesting too much cannabidiol.

According to the chef, as long as the product you’re taking is free of THC, then you’re good to go. Some medical trials even confirm that you’ll need to take a dose of 20 mg per each kilogram of your body weight to experience its damaging physical side effects – which, is safe to say, a ton of cannabis!

  1. The method of Cannabidiol extraction matters

Not all CBD-based products are the same. In fact, depending on the method from which the cannabidiol was extracted from the plant, the entire composition of the CBD might be altered. A heated extraction, for instance, demands double work and could lead to minimal cannabidiol product, thus presenting less effectivity. The CO2 process, on the other hand, promises a pure and apt cannabidiol extract suitable for medical use.

Before you indulge in the limitless wonders of cannabis, be sure to arm yourself with the right pieces of information that will guide you as you wander across the awe-striking world of cannabidiol.

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