Your Summer Prep Checklist: What Should You Include?

Summer has officially arrived, and while recent events have forced us all to adjust our regular routines, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of the season.

Whether you can enjoy the outdoors or if you just plan to spend your days inside, here are some easy ways to make sure you can kick back during the hot days ahead.

  • Get that wax.

Summertime often means more revealing clothing. You may not be donning a bikini or a Speedo, but you still want to look neat and well-groomed. The least fussy way to do this is to go for a wax. Waxing ensures a clean and smooth finish that will last longer than shaving. It’s also faster and less painful than threading. Professional waxers, like those in waxing salons in Midvale, are highly trained and follow stringent hygiene protocol so that you can be worry-free.

  • Use lighter makeup.

Summer nowadays doesn’t just mean sweat; it also means masks. Both can result in excess oil production, clogged pores, irritations, and acne. Dermatologists suggest that the best way to avoid these annoying skin conditions is to trim down the amount of product you put on. Save your more intricate makeup looks for the colder seasons and embrace the natural dewy look instead. The less product you have on your face, the easier it is for your skin to breathe.

  • Re-organize your closet.

Don’t waste time in the morning by sorting through piles of clothes—instead, place your summer outfits front and center. It also makes it easier to mix and match since you can see everything you have at just a glance.

A few summer clothing essentials will take you a long way, so if you’re still in doubt about what to wear, you can’t go wrong with linens and cotton that allow for maximum breathability. While you’re at it, include your workout clothes upfront, too!

  • Stock up on sun protection.

By now everybody knows the importance of sunscreen. Not only does it protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it also works as a pretty good primer if you do wear makeup. As a rule of thumb, your daily sunscreen should be no lower than SPF 30. For times when you’ll be exposed to more direct sun, like at the beach or on a hike, go for something with SPF 70. Remember to re-apply every two hours, too. Depending on your preference, you may prefer a chemical or a physical sunscreen.

  • Start your new healthy diet.

Lots of delicious fruits and vegetables are in season, which means you can experiment with more recipes until you find a few staples. Going on a diet during the summer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re trying to lose weight. So avoid fads and study clean lifestyle options instead. That way, you can adopt sustainable and healthy habits that will ultimately make you stronger and fitter.

Despite the changes going on, summer remains the season of transformation. Take this time to better yourself by taking easy but worthwhile steps that will make you happier all year-round.

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