Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Pre-Owned Home

Buying a pre-owned home can be a more affordable and exciting alternative. With that, because the house has already seen its share of years and use, it’s essential to be thorough in your house-hunting and home inspection.

Check out for these pesky problems:

  • Mold

Mold can be present in most homes due to moisture and humidity. That means that all houses are at risk, especially older properties that have been exposed to the elements for a longer period. Mold comes in many forms, but the one you should look out for the most is black mold. Over time, mold grows and spreads with its spores easily carried into the air. That can cause health hazards for humans and animals. Hotspots are often damp or dim places like the basement or garage. Look in corners, in between insulation, and chimneys or pipes. Pre-owned homes must be rid of any mold before it is put on the market.

  • Asbestos

An infamous problem in many older properties, asbestos was commonly a part of the construction. Asbestos is known to be a carcinogen. Of note, asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate that is not banned in the United States. However, most developers, homeowners, and brokers avoid it. Among other pre-owned home issues, the presence of asbestos should be the one that your real estate agent should be on top of. The way asbestos infiltrates the body is through its powdery crystals going airborne. The easiest way to spot this is by seeing grayish rock or cement-like slabs or coverings in places like in pipes, roofing, insulation, sealants, tiles, and adhesives. Removing asbestos should be strictly handled by professionals who can also do a house check for its presence.

  • Pests

If you see one pest, you can safely assume that there are dozens more nearby. A colony of pests may be living in the pre-owned home that you’re checking out. They may not be evident at first, but the signs of their presence are pretty straightforward. Trails, like little discolored spots, can be found in corners of floors, ceilings, and in dark recesses. Some of the most common pests are ants, cockroaches, and rats. Theses can lessen the overall integrity of the property on the worst case, and at the very least, these pests can cause a real problem for any items that you may bring inside. These pests can also harbor and spread bacteria that can contaminate anything they cross. Pests can be rid of using a variety of methods that range from ones as simple as a bug spray to more industrial level termination.

  • Structural Damage

The foundation of your home will dictate how much this property will be worth to you. If the structural integrity of your home is compromised, the house can suffer from sinking, cracking of walls, insulation issues, and water damage. The most telling signs of this damage can be seen in the base of your home or structural beams. Waterlogged homes can show through stains near pipelines. Previous calamities can cause damage that may look invisible at first, but you will see through time if left unchecked. The best way to determine if this damage exists is to have a licensed contractor have a visit.

Pre-owned homes are a great way to make investments into properties that hold a history, and sometimes even a style that is now unique—so long as you keep a keen eye to find the best deals.

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