Why You Should Opt For Egg Preservation

Do you want to have children in the future, but are your plans affected by current situations like terminal cancer or exposure to toxins? Don’t worry, as many people have been in the same situation, but they could have children with advanced medical treatment. You should contact a Celebration fertility preservation expert who can educate you about egg and sperm preservation. This is why you should consider conserving your egg and using it in the future.

Egg Preservation Is Best for Women Who Wish To Develop Their Careers

Not everyone would want to have babies in their early years; unfortunately, risks such as infertility come with age. Thus, young women with demanding careers can preserve their eggs and have babies when they have enough time on their hands. Egg preservation guarantees future fertility and increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy. Egg preservation does not require fertilization. You would choose a suitable partner to fertilize the eggs in the future when you want to carry the pregnancy. The egg preservation procedure can help women pursue their careers and accumulate enough resources to raise children.

Egg Preservation for Women with Breast Cancer

It is better to preserve your eggs before starting breast cancer treatment, especially if you don’t have a child yet. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy might impact the quality of eggs and cause infertility in women. Thus it is wise to preserve the eggs as you can use the ovarian tissues and eggs in the future to carry a healthy baby. However, after cancer treatments, you can undergo fertility treatment to restore having children. Sometimes the fertility treatments might not yield positive results, and you would finally undergo IVF treatments using the preserved eggs to carry healthy babies to term. Perhaps preserving the egg before breast cancer treatment should be a standard part of cancer care to allow patients to conceive babies in the future.

The Procedure Is Efficient

Egg preservation is efficient as your doctor harvests the most viable eggs and preserves them through cryopreservation. You might consider preserving your eggs as it assures you of a healthy pregnancy in the future. Nobody knows what might happen in the unforeseeable future, and egg preservation is a sure way to secure your fertility.

What to Expect During Fertility Preservation

Your doctor will conduct onsite testing and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your fertility health to determine the best treatment for your condition. The professional will then conduct customized procedures which meet your needs and educate you about egg preservation. They will let you decide on the date to preserve the eggs and discuss future fertilization procedures like IVF and artificial insemination.

Final Thoughts

Having children past a certain age might be challenging as fertility reduces with age; luckily, you can pursue your career and accumulate resources to care for your children in the future through egg preservation. Egg preservation ensures you have healthy eggs to carry a child to terms when you need them. Egg preservation works well for people with breast cancer and those exposed to toxins that might impact their fertility. However, your doctor will test the viability of the eggs before preservation and advise you on the best way to preserve fertility. Good luck preserving your fertility with egg preservation.

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