Why Should You Learn Chinese as a Second Language?

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I clearly keep this in mind when I remained in kindergarten, as well as was beginning to learn two languages, English and Mandarin Chinese. I had only spoken Hokkien, a type of Chinese dialect all my life, and was faced with the challenge of discovering Chinese Mandarin and English. Also, at that young age, I was delighted regarding the obstacles and all the huge benefits that finding out new languages awaited me. The fact is language finding out Mandarin has verified to the absolute best investment I can make.

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English is frequently described as the international language or lingua franca, so discovering it makes the best sense. Yet why find out Chinese?


The existing populace of the People’s Republic of China is 1,440,934,089, as well as Ethnologue, puts the variety of indigenous audio speakers at 1.3 billion native audio speakers, roughly 917 million of whom talk Chinese. Furthermore, China has a huge diaspora discovered in practically every country in the world. This presents learners with a significant pool of people with whom to practice the world’s most usual language, also referred to as 普通话 Putonghua) with. By involving with the Chinese-speaking community, you have the opportunity to make a whole new group of close friends and enhance your understanding of Chinese society.


Every language offers its own “exception to the rule,” as well as difficulties. Pronunciation in English can be idiosyncratic, grammar is among the scary elements of many European languages as well as the non-alphabetic nature of the Chinese writing system does stumble upon as unusual for numerous. Yet actually, we are more apt at making use of non-alphabetic language in our communication than you. Discovering a language that has no overlap with one’s very own, in my view is what makes finding out more interesting as well as enjoyable.

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