Wellbeing of your child in a Childcare center

Three babies are sitting on the carpet in a daycare center. They are playing with wooden toy blocks. One girl and boy are arguing over a toy.

Every working parent is concerned about their child’s growth and development. Since they have to go to work, they will have no other option than to leave their child in childcare centers. It’s the responsibility of these centers to take care of the child along with learning activities so that the parents are not worried about their child’s wellbeing. 

SolBe learning childcare center is one such place which enhances the overall development of the child through fun ways. Their commitment in teaching, learning activities and parent-child programs are the best to describe how they strive upon providing utmost care about child’s overall development.

Learning Environment

Interaction with surrounding environment improves the child’s skills to explore. The classrooms are designed such that it stimulates the child’s thought process and intellectual skills which helps in quality development of child. The learning space is completely safe and gives a home like feeling.

Way of Education

The balance between work, play and life are well balanced. Playing is one such activity where in a human will learn something new at every age. Playing increases creativity, problem solving skills, coordination, imagination and the capacity to learn something from mess. There are benefits in learning a second language right from the small age since it develops concentration and the ability to switch between tasks efficiently. Nutritious food also impacts the growth of a child. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered and they are prepared by the vegetables produced by organic farming.

Family Programs

Family programs are also conducted in order to build coordination between child and parents. Activities such as cooking classes and yoga are conducted. Opinions and suggestions are collected from parents to organize other activities which build empathy between parents and children.

The childcare learning centre ensures that the first five years of a child are crucial during which the intellectual and moral development has to fully develop in order to make the child confident and independent.

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