Why Choose A Concrete Fence Over Wood Fences

When it comes to defining your surroundings and setting your property apart from others, hiring a reputable fencing company in Leeds for your garden fencing needs is the way to go. Fencing has been a timeless solution for property delineation, and it still holds its charm today. Whether you opt for a classic wooden fence or a modern concrete fence, a skilled fencing contractor can handle your fence installation expertly. In Leeds, a fencing company can help you transform your outdoor space with beautiful and durable fencing options, ensuring that your property stands out. So, if you’re considering enhancing your property’s aesthetics and security, explore the various fencing options available and consult a trusted fencing contractor in Leeds to bring your vision to life.

As attested by many a
concrete fence contractor, concrete fences over several advantages. In this article, we’re tackling its five main benefits.

It is stronger and sturdier. Concrete is a sought-after construction material because of its durability. If you choose concrete fencing, you are eliminating the need to replace (or repair) it every now and then. Apart from shelling out lesser money, it can also give you lasting peace of mind.

It helps you avoid costly issues like rotting and pest infestation. Granted that wood fencing incurs a cheaper upfront cost, however, you’d have to pay for repair projects in the long run once the woods have become subjected to natural wear and tear. Apart from natural deterioration, damage can be sped up with the presence of harsh weather conditions and pests like termites.

It requires minimal maintenance. If you opt for wood fencing, you’d have to deal with several maintenance requirements like repainting and repair once it’s affected by cracks, rotting, and termite infestation. You can say goodbye to these tasks once you choose to have a concrete fence system, which requires zero to very minimal maintenance.

It has a longer lifespan. Fences made of wood can only last for a decade to fifteen years — with several repairs and maintenance jobs in between. Concrete fences, on the other hand, can last for several decades.

It is more environment-friendly. Compared to wood fences, concrete fences can be installed without any previous foundation. This minimizes the effect of its installation in the nearby environmental surroundings. With its type of material, the carbon footprint and waste are also decreased.

Concrete Fences Styles You Can Choose From

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, concrete fences also come in different styles. This makes concrete fence a versatile choice for those who have residential or commercial properties.

Here are the most common styles you can choose from:

Stone. If you want a natural stone-looking appeal for your fence, you can do so through opting for a pre-formed concrete posting option. Relatively affordable, this style is most suitable for garden and upscale perimeter applications. It can be availed in different varieties including cobblestone, river stone, split face block, and laid back stone.

Rail and wood. Who says you can’t achieve a wood-looking fence if you decide to have concrete as your main fencing material? Through split rail concrete fence systems, you can have a fence with wood-like appearance — minus the hassle of its deterioration due to harsh weather conditions, rotting, and termite infestations.

Brick and stucco. Dreaming of a rustic exterior look? If you want a sturdier alternative to wood fences and eve traditional masonry walls, you can check out brick-like and stucco concrete fences. These fencing systems combine the look of masonry and stucco walls with the durability and versatility of precast fences.

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