What to do when you have an insurance loss at your home

A violent storm can bring havoc and ruin to your home. High winds and a deluge of rain can cause the kind of damage that needs immediate attention. Such damage will cost money. After the storm, you will need to submit a claim to your insurance company. An insurance claims adjuster RI will need to have the extent of the damage and the repair cost estimated. Performance Adjusting is one of the top public adjusters in the state of Rhode Island. The adjuster team sent to your home will carry out a thorough, detailed, and accurate assessment of the damage done by the storm. They will also ensure that you get the insurance money you require to initiate repairs on your house. If your home was severely damaged by a storm, most of the wreckage will be plain to see. However, some of the damage will require closer study. Dents in your siding, broken and missing shingles, and the peeling of your siding can all be caused by hail and hurricane-force winds. These are things you will be able to spot straightaway. Other kinds of damage can be caused by flooding or the infiltration of water into your home. The effects of water damage are not always readily apparent. If the water is allowed to sit and stagnate for a time, you will develop a mold problem. And once mold has taken root in your house, it will be hard to remove. You do not have a great deal of time to waste if your home has been ravaged by a severe storm. The sooner you get a claims adjuster to your home, the sooner you will know the extent of the damage and what it will take to repair it. In the case of flooding, for example, you cannot wait an hour more than is necessary to begin the work necessary to get the water out. Each moment that goes by increases the chance of mold growth. If most of the flooding is in the basement, you could have a serious problem on your hands, as basements present the perfect conditions for mold spurs to take root. The primary job of a public adjuster is to provide a fair and reasonable assessment of the damage and the money it will take to repair it. You should get this independent evaluation before you consult with your insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not exist to help their clients; they exist to make profits for themselves. The claims adjuster that the insurance company sends out will prioritize the needs of the company over your requirements. That is why you should enlist the services of a public adjuster. Even if the damage is minor, you still want to get to work on it immediately. What is minor damage today can become serious damage tomorrow, as such problems only worsen over time. You want to maximize your chances of receiving the right amount of compensation from your insurance company and complete the needed repairs in a timely manner. A public adjuster can help you do both.

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