When Do You Need Eyelid Surgery

Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is a town located north of Philadelphia. The population is a mixture of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. While others may seem not to have much in common, one thing could unite these disparate individuals wanting surgery on their eyelids: getting the look they want. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelids so that you can have a clearer vision. Bensalem eyelid surgery will do more than improve your vision or improve your surgery.

The following are situations when you need eyelid surgery:

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet appear when you smile, laugh, or squint. These wrinkles happen because the skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, making it easy to wrinkle. Upper eyelid surgery in Bensalem can be used to remove the excess fat that causes crow’s feet from forming. Crow’s feet can make you look tired and old, but eyelid surgery can help remove those wrinkles and ensure they don’t return.

Drooping Upper Eyelids

If you notice your eyelids are starting to droop, you can begin to see more of your upper eyelid than before. These sagging skin and fatty deposits make it difficult for you to blink, which means that your eyes get dry easily. You will also find yourself squinting to see clearly. Drooping eyelids can cause long-term eye problems, which is why people who have these symptoms should consider upper eyelid surgery in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, to get rid of excess skin and fat that is weighing down their upper eyelids.

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin

Almost everyone has some extra skin on their eyelids, making your eyes look puffy. If you have excess upper eyelid skin, you can now get rid of it with eyelid surgery in Bensalem. Your eye surgeon will only remove the necessary amount of skin to help you see without problems.

Excess Lower Eyelid Skin

Some people have extra lower eyelid skin that makes their eyes look baggy and tired. You can now get rid of this excess skin through lower eyelid surgery. Lower eyelid surgery in Bensalem is done to remove excess skin that droops down over your natural lower eyelid.

Heavy Eyelids

If you feel like you have too much weight on your eyelids, you can consider surgery in Bensalem to remove the extra fat and skin around your eyes. Your eye surgeon will only remove the necessary amount of fat and skin because excess can affect your vision. Drooping eyelids can also cause long-term problems with your eyesight, so it’s crucial to get the surgery in time before you lose your sight completely.


One of the things that happens with aging is your skin loses its elasticity and gets looser, which causes fat to gather around your eyes which then causes swelling and dark circles under your eyes. These are all signs of aging, which you can now reverse with eyelid surgery. Your eye surgeon will do an upper and lower eyelid surgery in Bensalem to remove the excess fat that makes your eyes puffy. You’ll then see a significant improvement in how you look because youth will return to your face.

You’ll know when eyelid surgery is necessary because you will see many changes in how your eyes look. You might have to deal with dry, irritated eyes that are sensitive to light. People who suffer from these problems can now get rid of them through eyelid surgery.

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