What Kind of Services Can You Get from a Dentist in Ankeny?

An Ankeny dentist has many services available to provide his patients, each of which is important for the overall health and well-being of a person. Common dentistry services include root canals, endodontics, implants, fillings, and even external cosmetics.

Ankeny has many dentist offices in the area. This is a good thing for people who live in Ankeny because it means that there are always options when seeking dental care. There are several dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. Many of these offices offer whitening or nitrous oxide treatments that can help prevent tooth decay and remove stains from teeth.

We will now see into the most common services provided by a dentist in Ankeny.

  1. Teeth whitening

Whitening is a procedure that used to be done by dentists only, whereas it is now available in nearly every dental office. This procedure can result in a better-looking smile and no more discolored teeth. Teeth whitening does not remove any of the existing tooth enamel, but it does provide for a whiter appearance. It is important to discuss the amount of bleaching that you would like with your dentist. 

  1. Implant restorations

Implant restorations are a great way to keep your teeth healthy and your mouth in good shape. With implants, it is possible to have a beautiful smile that looks completely natural. An implant is placed into the jaw bone and acts as a support for the crown in order to give the tooth structure and strength. This procedure helps to increase the lifespan of your teeth so you can keep them in good shape for years to come. 

  1. Root canals

Root canals are a common service that most dentists provide. In root canals, a dentist takes out diseased or damaged nerves from your teeth and places them into the jaw bone to support the natural teeth. The result is an infection-free and healthy smile. Root canals give your jawbones the ability to repair themselves and strengthen as they age. Using this service can greatly increase the amount of time you will spend with a beautiful smile.

  1. Periodontal disease therapy

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that affects the gums and bones around the teeth.  Symptoms of this disease include gum bleeding when flossing or brushing, inflammation, or losing teeth. Periodontal disease therapy is a procedure that can eliminate signs of periodontal disease and prevent further damage to your mouth.

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