What Are The Most Common Signs That Your Carpet Has Mold?

Sometimes calling Quality Carpet Cleaning Services can reveal things you don’t realize about your carpet, like it’s developing mold and needs to be removed. But you don’t need to have a professional service tell you this devastating news, there are ways for you to detect a problem well before you’re at the point of being forced to replace the carpet at a significant cost. 

If you can distinguish the signs before you have a serious problem you can take the necessary steps to fully eliminate and even prevent carpet mold before it takes hold in your home. Once it gets in, mold can be extremely tough to eradicate and locating it even more difficult since you won’t really know where it’s breeding until the situation is so extreme that you may need to evacuate the home until the carpet is removed entirely. 

So conduct regular inspections of the carpeting in your home, particularly in those rooms where there are elevated levels of dampness and moisture. But monitor every room in the house for signs like these, each one indicating there may be a problem growing right under your feet: 

Musty Smell

When you walk into a room and the first thing you smell is a stale, musty odor, you can be sure there is mold growing somewhere in the room. If that room has carpeting, odds are pretty good there is mold growing underneath it. The main challenge to detecting this problem is that you may be used to the aroma while others who don’t live in the home will smell it much more readily. 

If guests who come over make a comment about a musty odor in one or more rooms of your home and those rooms have carpet, you could be dealing with a growing concern. 

Damp or Wet Carpeting

Here is where your issues could be extremely prevalent. If you detect that your carpet is damp or has been wet for more than a day or two, you can be sure that mold can start to develop. First things first, try to find where the wetness is coming from and then try to determine how long the carpet has been sitting there wet or damp. Knowing where the moisture is originating from can be very helpful for determining whether or not you have mold under the carpet. 

If you even suspect there may be a problem, then you should examine under the carpet and look at the padding beneath it. 

Proof Positive

If everything else is eluding you as to the presence of mold, there are a couple of dead giveaways. The first is extremely obvious in the development of actual patches of mold growing on the surface of the carpet and in between the fibers. This can be green, white, or the highly toxic black and all of them are pretty definite indicators that you have a moldy carpet. 

The second comes with a positive result in a mold-testing kit. It actually tests the airflow across the carpeting material and detects mold spores that make contact with the kit and start to multiply. The kit is highly dependable and will tell you if there is mold in the carpet with total reliability.

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