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Image result for Greater As Astrologer or the Greatest The sign of Aquarius is the eleventh zodiacal sign, the last sign of Air which symbolizes the middle of winter between the 21st of January and the 18th of February. This sign is governed by the planet Uranus, planet of change. Aquarius is related to House XI, home of friendship, projects, dreams and hopes. For the Aquarius Daily Horoscope  this is one essential option that you can have now. Personality of the sign – His profile Aquarius is often endowed with a brilliant mind and a special intelligence that often borders on genius. Infinitely intuitive, atypical in his way of reasoning, Aquarius, under an apparent coldness, is a very sensitive person. Get to know your baby “Astro Profile of Baby Aquarius” Original and loving humanism, Aquarius has a very developed spirit of rebellion and is attracted by the defense of the great causes and values ​​of freedom, equality and justice. He enjoys all kinds of crowd baths and does not know the meaning of the word ‘solitude’. With them, you will not be bored. Aquarius gives to others without counting and expecting nothing in return. Under this apparent sufficiency, Aquarius still has a strong need for recognition.
  • Clever, Aquarius is also attracted by original things and atypical personalities. He prefers spirituality to materialism, the messages of the complicated universe to the daily train.
  • This sign has opinions, ideas about everything and above all likes to be free. Free to follow his path and his reflection. It is a sign that, pushed to the extreme, can appear as utopian, eccentric and unsuitable for everyday life.
  • Stable in loving and friendly relationships, Aquarius is a sign of a great inner strength that draws all its energy deep inside: it is an elusive sign.
His qualities Aquarius is a sign that loves life, never gets bored and is very stable in his emotions. He looks for all kinds of new ideas that he wants to share with others. It’s a real chance to meet an Aquarius who will make you forget sadness, dark ideas and bad feelings. Your detailed qualities and explained in our article: “the qualities of Aquarius”. Her downsides Capricious, nervous, eccentric, Aquarius is terribly lacking in measure. His self-sufficiency often irritates his entourage who will have to show patience to reassure him and thus, allow him to flourish. Aquarius does not hesitate to try reasoning even to the extreme: this tendency is simply synonymous with great skill of mind and its refusal of conventions. Aquarius: we reveal to you the complete point of your faults with our new analysis: “the faults of Aquarius”. Special sign His ingenuity surprises and annoys sometimes, but Aquarius is an independent with an exaggerated taste for excessiveness and even chaos. Aquarius appreciates the fauna and the flora because they are sources of regeneration. Her favorite flower, the orchid, is in her image: complex and graceful at the same time.

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