Types of Cosmetic Surgeries You Can Consider

There are various reasons why someone would go for cosmetic surgery. Some people do it to modify a certain body part’s shape, while others do it to appear younger. If the procedure seems appealing to you, it is advisable you reach out to a Fridley, MN cosmetic specialist.

As a first-timer, you may wonder what kind of cosmetic surgery to consider since there are several procedures to choose from. Without further ado, here are five services you can get from cosmetic specialists.


This procedure is for people who dislike their fat bodies. It is ideal for those who have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise with little success. Surgeons normally remove excess fat from the thighs, arms, neck, buttocks, abdomen, and hips. Once they remove the fat, they may discard or re-inject it as graft material for breast augmentation.

Before you go for this procedure, you must have a nutritious diet. You should eat fruits like watermelon, strawberry, and grapefruit since they contain antioxidants that help you recover after surgery.

Breast Lift

Women who want to change the shape of their breasts could do with a breast lift. Surgeons perform this procedure by removing excess skin and tightening tissues so that breasts stay upright. Therefore, this surgery is suitable for women with saggy breasts due to pregnancy or weight issues.

After a breast lift, your breasts may appear swollen and bruised for about two weeks. Also, you may feel minimal pain since the surgeon must make incisions to do the surgery. As a result, your doctor will prescribe some medications.


The purpose of this procedure is to alter the shape of the nose. Although most people do it for cosmetic reasons, you can also consider it when you have breathing difficulties. Surgeons may make incisions at the base of the nose or do it from the inside.

When you consider a Rhinoplasty, ensure you avoid medications containing aspirin and ibuprofen before and after the surgery. Although they are painkillers, they will increase nose bleeding. Instead, your surgeon will prescribe the necessary drugs.

Eyelid Lift

As you age, the muscles around your eyelids weaken, and this causes them to stretch. An eyelid lift, therefore, corrects the problem by removing excess skin. Thanks to this procedure, you will not have sagging eyebrows or bags under the eyes. Besides improving your look, an eyelid lift enables you to have peripheral vision since sagging skin can limit your view.

If you are a smoker, you may want to put away the cigarette for a while. That is because doing so will delay your recovery.


An otoplasty is a procedure that changes the size, position, and shape of the ears. It is suitable for people who dislike how their ears stick out from the head.

After this surgery, do not sleep on your side since that would exert pressure on the ears. Since you will experience some itchiness, your doctor will prescribe some medication.


If you have been wondering what cosmetic procedure to consider, we hope this article helps you decide. These procedures are effective as long as you make certain sacrifices. You may have to change your diet or rest for a certain period. Going on with your normal duties means you could take a long time to recover. As a result, you may unfairly blame your surgeon for that. When you go for any cosmetic procedure, ensure you do it of your volition and not under peer pressure.

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