Top fish species in Thailand fishing resort

We all know Thailand is one of the most happening places for vacation. No matter, you are here for vacation or a local of Thailand, fishing is a great sport to go for when planning for an outing. Thailand’s Inland waterways have always been a fantastic fishing treat for anyone. 

There are lots of resorts which offer you the opportunity to catch fishes. Each lodge has its fishing species and other specialists to provide, but there are few exotic catches in Thailand fishing resort which are stated below:  

Alligator Gar– These fishes are different from other species. They come from southern parts of the US, living for 100 years. They are huge fishes that look like crocodiles and alligators and weigh just like a car. They hit the 6-foot mark and are massive in weight and appearance. And the best part is that they can survive without water. 

Giant Snakehead – Snakeheads, the size of a colossus, are the scariest thing. They are massive enough to bring even the most experienced anglers through their paces. They are 4 feet long and weigh around more than 40 pounds. But that’s not the terrifying part. Snakeheads have a vicious bite that more than justifies their name. They can also breathe for a longer time without being in the water and can be found on land just like alligator gar fishes. 

Siamese Carp – The most popular and the oldest special of fishes found in Thailand is the Siamese carp. They are in Thailand for a very long before any fishing resort was made. These giant car fishes weigh over 100 pounds. This fishing is also be awarded in world workbook record.  These Thai resorts are the best place to catch different species of carp fishes. Arapaima – Thailand Visitors or tourists who are fond of fishing can visit here as this fishing resort has Arapaima species to treat to their eyes. These massive, ferocious predators are unlike any other fish on the planet. They weigh more than 300 pounds. They are worth traveling to. Arapaima is strange in more ways than one. Since they are amphibious fish, they are needed to come to the surface to breathe.

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