Four Mistakes You Could Avoid When You Hire a Faribault Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can make you feel like your life has gone out of control. After being arrested and charged, the criminal justice system will decide your fate. However, despite facing charges, you still have control of some aspects of your criminal case. And you can avoid ruining your case by not doing some things to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Also, it is important to be represented by a Faribault Criminal Defense Attorney who has a good track record of success. If you have an attorney on your side, they advise you against the following:

Talking to the Police

Before you speak with anyone regarding the charges you are facing, speak with a lawyer first. Although the police may seem friendly and make it sound like they are offering you the chance to explain yourself, they are focused on gathering evidence that they can use against you. As a suspect, you have the right not to say anything, so exercise this right and depend on your lawyer’s guidance. 

Talking About Your Case on Social Media

Whatever you post on social media can also be used against you. While law enforcement may not access private messages, any message they get can be used as evidence in court. Whether you are waiting for your court appearance date, serving probation, or have posted information related to your case before your arrest, keep in mind that whatever you do online could hurt you in the end. 

Not Appearing in Court Hearings

When you have a scheduled hearing in court, make sure to be there on time. While you may not benefit from arriving on time, arriving late or not appearing in your hearing could put you at a disadvantage. If some circumstances prevent you from attending a court date, inform your lawyer about it as soon as possible, so they can notify the court and request to reschedule your date. But you must give documentation that proves the circumstances were beyond your control. An experienced lawyer can give you advice on this matter.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

When you navigate the legal system, you should not try to represent yourself or depend on a public defender. Although there are many reasons to work with a public defender, they usually have heavy workloads and may not have the time to spend looking into your case and understanding your side of the story. Although your defense lawyer can’t guarantee an outcome in your criminal case, they will diligently get your charges decreased or dismissed. 

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