Top Benefits of Dental Fillings

Your teeth are susceptible to damages incurred over time due to wear and tear, concerns like decay and cavities, or trauma from injuries. Despite maintaining healthy oral hygiene and routine exams in your dental care regimen, you might still need treatment in some instances. Among the most popular dental treatment are dental fillings. Houston fillings can help deter tooth decay progression through repair and restoration of a tooth’s function and appearance.

The dental fillings process entails the removal of damaged/decayed parts and filling it with material designed to cushion against further damage. Traditionally, the fillings were made of metal alloys. Today, you will find different materials, from composite resin, gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, and glass ionomer.

Each option has its unique merits. Your dentist will help you pick the one that best matches your mouth. This allows you to handle tooth decay proactively and preserve teeth and gum integrity. Beyond fixing decay and providing a barrier against bacteria, dental fillings offer more benefits, including:

Improve teeth structure

When a cavity hollows out your tooth, its structure is affected. It becomes weaker and can quickly get damaged. With composite fillings, you can improve its structure by providing support. The temporary fillings do not damage the tooth during the application process. Filling the hollow keeps your teeth stronger and improves their structure.

Manage fractures

As you age, your teeth are vulnerable to chips and fractures. Other instances, such as accidents or trauma from physical activities like contact sports, also increase your teeth fracture risks. When a tooth is fractured, it is at a higher risk of experiencing further damage. You can avoid this by opting for dental fillings.

White composite is mainly used in repairing the fractured tooth, strengthening them, and allowing you to keep your lifestyle going. Fractures are a dental health hazard and can affect your smile. You can manage the fractures, enjoy stronger teeth, and spot a bright smile with dental fillings.

Teeth color

Is discoloration taking a toll on your smile? Discoloration could be due to poor oral hygiene, exposure, or dental health concerns. In some instances, professional cleaning could be enough. You might also opt for whitening treatments. Your dentist can also recommend fillings, especially if the discoloration is due to tooth decay.

Composite fillings work well on teeth that are stained or discolored, helping you to brighten up your smile. The best part is that the fillings seamlessly blend with the rest of your teeth. No one can tell that you have fillings, an excellent solution to your aesthetics.

Enhance functionality

Cavities, decay, chips, and fractures affect teeth’ functionality. You can experience pain and difficulty chewing, and area dental fillings improve. This allows you to chew and manage other activities with little or no pain and discomfort.

Dental fillings offer many benefits, and the best part is they are durable. The best options are resistant to corrosion and, with proper care, can last upwards of 15 years. They can protect your teeth for decades with fewer worries, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Talk to Jeffrey Busch, DDS, today, and find out more about fillings and how they can turn your dental health around.

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