Achieve Your Dream Silhouette With Body Contouring

Working out and not achieving that great-looking body may be a real challenge. There could be stubborn areas in your body refusing to budge to the hard work you’ve put in, leaving you feeling frustrated. Do not let it frustrate you any longer; there are body contouring Sebring techniques available to give you that body shape you desire to feel great again.

What is body contouring?

It is also known as body sculpting, and this is a surgical or medical procedure that aims to reshape your body. The procedure may eliminate excess fat, rid you of extra skin or contour your body shape. Body contouring addresses areas of your skin where weight loss techniques have failed to work.

What areas of your skin can body contouring address?

You may have several areas in your body that may need body reshaping. Body contouring may be effective in the following areas:

·                     Arms

·                     Love handles

·                     Thighs and buttocks

·                     Back

Body contouring may also help improve sagging, wrinkled and loose skin. This surgical procedure will eliminate the extra skin where diet and workouts are no longer an option.

What are the available body contouring treatments?

·                     Cool sculpting

This procedure aims to eliminate excess fat in specific areas of your body, a method known as cryolipolysis. Your doctor may use a cryolipolysis device to cool fat in your body at a temperature that destroys it without causing any harm to your skin. This procedure is not surgical therefore requiring no needles. This device will hold the parts of your body your doctor is targeting between paddles. These paddles will be left in place for up to an hour so that they can destroy the excess fats. This technique can destroy up to 20-25% of excess fat in the targeted area.

·                     Laser lipolysis

This method is non-invasive and involves using laser energy to heat and eliminate fat. The laser energy uses a high temperature, which will cause fat cells in your body to die. It primarily targets excess fat in the abdomen and love handles. For this treatment, you may need to visit the hospital multiple times to get rid of the excess fat completely.

·                     Kybella

This injection procedure uses a synthetic deoxycholic acid, which can kill and destroy fat cells in your body. Your body will naturally get rid of these dead cells gradually after treatment. The Kybella treatment addresses the area under the chin. You may develop slight swelling or bruising, but you will recover quickly.

·                     Ultrasonic liposuction

This procedure of fat loss liquefies the fat cells before their removal. Your doctor will need to use an ultrasound and waves that will target the fat cells and get rid of them. It is very effective since it gets rid of stubborn fat while preserving the surrounding tissues. It offers quick recovery as you may not experience fatigue due to the liquifying of the fat before releasing it.

These suction procedures are not weight loss methods; they only work to get rid of stubborn fat where other methods like exercise have failed.

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