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Wichita is one of the densely populated cities in KS. The current population of Wichita is 535,000, which has increased by 0.75% from 2021. The growing population is looking for ways to get around. The more the population is, the more is the demand for high-end vehicles. If you are tired of your traditional-looking midsize sedan, upgrade it to a sleek, sporty, muscular style yet practical sedan- the 2021 Kia K5 in Wichita

Kia, the South Korean automobile manufacturer, introduced the latest model, K5, in 2021 as a replacement for its top-rated long-running Optima sedan. This most powerful and capable car is specifically designed for those who want to enjoy driving a sedan without compromising on the versatility of a family sedan. Kia k5 boasts several unmatched features that you will love to have in your car. It looks bolder, drives better, and its powertrain is much more than just being adequate; it comes packed with all the latest safety technologies. Besides its thoughtfully designed interior and easy-to-use controls, you get a chance to choose from five trim levels: the GT, the LXS, the GT-Line, the EX, and the LX. 

If you think of buying a Kia K5 before you step out and make your purchase, read this article. This article talks about a few things you should know about Kia K5. Continue reading!

K5’s Interior and Exterior look

The latest model of Kia somewhat resembles its parent model. It has the same youthful design with many elegant curves around the corner. The blacked-out tiger-nose grill attracts everyone’s attention in the first place. The bumper is designed to give a proportionate and aggressive look simultaneously. The LED tail and headlights with DRLs make it beautiful and elegant. 19″ alloy wheels enhance the side look with the coupe-like roofline.

When you enter the car, you feel like you are in an above-segment vehicle with all the premium materials used in the interior. There are very soft elements at various touch points on the steering wheel, gear shifter, and armrests. There is plenty of legroom in both the rows. The use of metal here and there makes it more upmarket. The front seat has a lot of adjustability functions. The driver can adjust as per their height and comfort. The visibility for the driver is taken care of by large windows and mirrors.

High-tech safety features

K5 is a new-age car with plenty of connectivity and integration options. It supports AppleCarPlay and Android Auto connective with a massive 8-inch touch screen entertainment panel. The screen is easy to use and very helpful for the driver. Top-end models also support wireless charging for compatible phones.

The beast comes with all the modern age safety features like forward collision warning, lane-keeping assistance, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitor, lane departure warning, and driver monitoring system as standard. Kia K5 comes with adaptive cruise control, making the drive more comfortable. With so many features, the car makes driving easy and secure. It scored five stars in the crash test done earlier. 


Kia K5 features a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engineer that produces 290 hp. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive feature, with which it can accelerate from 0 to 70 mph in just 5.2 seconds, making it the fastest among the competitors. It can run the quarter-mile in 13.7 seconds. The car is on the highway as well as the city drive easily. 

With such a big engine and so much power, you must be concerned about fuel efficiency. Here is some good news. You get good fuel efficiency with the powerful engine tuned to give the best experience in city and highway. A well-engineered independent rear and front suspension make you corner the car comfortably. The suspension is present on the stiffer side, making the drive exciting in turns and twists. The overall body roll is minimal in the car. Tire grips are excellent; they hold the road in fast turns that make the body responsive. Additionally, K5 features a sports mode to make the driving thrilling and exciting.

Probably after going through this article, you have got a brief idea about the built quality and performance of this newly designed child of Kia. If you are interested in buying a 2021 Kia K5 in Wichita, first approach the well-known car dealerships, take a test drive, check out the features in person, and then decide. Hurry up! A limited number of K5 models are available with car dealers.

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