Reliable and Comfortable Urban Bus Service at Your Fingertips

Commuting between Washington DC and NYC is no cakewalk, whether it is for the residents or people visiting New York for business or tours. Sure, you can book cabs or use the subway, but that will not be completely hassle-free. The rush-hour crowd is something you will not be able to evade. Couple it with the noise and pollution, and your commuting experience will be anything but enjoyable. However, there is a way out. You can opt for the Washington Deluxe Bus service and experience the difference.

The Blend of Comfort and Convenience in Urban Commuting

For some people, urban commuting is not only about reaching the destination in time. They prefer their commuting experience to be comfortable and relaxing as well. If you belong to that group, the Washington Deluxe Bus service is what you need. The service covers major Washington Dc and NYC Bus Stops and offers the users a number of amenities.

Top Reasons to Pick It over Other Urban Transit Options

It is not without reasons that the Washington Deluxe Bus service has become the preferred commuting choice for thousands of NYC and Washington DC residents. In fact, it has been used by a lot of tourists visiting NYC over the years.

Listed below are the top reasons for choosing it over other options:

  • You get a very comfortable ride while enjoying relief from the noise outside.
  • The coaches are cleaned and maintained in good shape.
  • The bus service is known for timeliness. Except for rare occasions, you can expect the buses to arrive at the pickup point and reach the destination in the scheduled time.
  • The bus drivers and staffs are co-operative and professional.
  • The pricing is reasonable, and online ticket reservation is simple and user-friendly.
  • There are options to pick from standard and lux class coaches.
  • Kids below 2 years do not require any tickets.

Services Aimed At Different Types of Commuters

Not everyone using an urban transport system has similar requirements. That is why the Washington Deluxe Bus service offers 2 packages for its users.

The standard coaches are meant for frequent commuters seeking a wallet-friendly transport option. The coaches are comfortable with space to accommodate 54 people. The coaches are equipped with electrical outlets and wifi. So, you can stay in touch with others with ease, even while commuting.

For users who seek enhanced amenities while commuting, there is the lux service. These coaches are designed with user comfort in mind. These coaches have 34 seats, ensuring more legroom for the passengers. The seats are also larger. On top of that, there are options for movie streaming on the user’s device. So, you can be assured of enjoying a luxurious ride from NY to Washington DC and vice versa.

The Rewards Program Is Like Icing onthe Cake

The ticket pricing of the Washington Deluxe Bus service is not steep. However, the company offers a rewards scheme to ensure the regular users stick around. For each ride covering Washington Dc and NYC Bus Stops, you earn reward points. These can later be redeemed, and you end up spending less on future trips.

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